Municipal Second-level Social Sports Instructor (Badminton) Training Course to Start in July- Window of Zengcheng

</p> <p> Municipal Second-level Social Sports Instructor (Badminton) Training Course to Start in July- Window of Zengcheng</p> <p>

  • Municipal secondary social sports instructor (badminton) training class to start in July
  • Now accepting applications
  • Source: Zengcheng Daily Author:[记者朱贵荣] release date:[2022-06-21 09:18:38]
  • (Reporter Zhu Guirong) The 2022 Yangcheng Sports Meeting · China Sports Lottery Guangzhou Second-level Social Sports Instructor (Badminton) Training Course hosted by the Municipal Sports Bureau will start on July 8, and registration is now accepted.

    The training time will be from 9:00-17:00 every day from July 8th to 9th. The courses are divided into theoretical courses and technical courses. The training content mainly covers the basic theory of secondary social sports instructors, the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, Teaching technology training, theory and technology assessment, etc.

    After obtaining the title of Level 3 Social Sports Instructor (Badminton) (Grade 3 Certificate before June 1, 2020), the backbone members who have performed voluntary service for more than two years in total, have obtained a college or higher education in sports, and obtained a sports education. Anyone with a teacher’s qualification certificate, a coach’s qualification certificate (badminton) or an outstanding athlete’s qualification certificate (badminton) can apply.

    There is no charge for this training, transportation and accommodation are at your own expense, and the training location is to be determined. Applicants can fill in the registration information and submit relevant qualification documents as required. After passing the preliminary qualification examination, a SMS notification will be sent before the class starts. If the number of applicants is less than 40, the class will be postponed and the opening date will be notified later.

    The deadline for registration is 12:00 on June 30, contact number: 18926208647 (09:00~17:30 on working days).

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