Money for conventional associations

Tuesday took place the municipal council of Ingrandes, around the mayor, Bndicte Decourges, which took place for the first time of the year in the council hall at the town hall.

Subsidies. One of the subjects discussed was the granting of subsidies for the year 2022 to the three associations under agreement with the municipality, namely the Arpge music school, the judo club and the tennis club. The amount of these subsidies was clearly defined in committee a few years ago. They are established according to the cost price of a member for his association. Thus, Arpge will receive €3,881 (28 members), judo, €1,281 (61 members), and tennis, €5,670 (60 members). Bndicte Decourges pointed out that judo has done well this season by succeeding in significantly increasing its number of members and suggested reviewing this method of calculation so that the club is not harmed. Marie-Christine Bourumeau, first assistant and responsible for associations, specified that the commission will automatically accept their requests for exceptional subsidies.
Jury of assizes. Like every year, the council drew lots for three constituents who will likely be called upon to sit on an assize jury. They are Maryse Prunier, wife Martin, Daniel Daviaud and Arnaud Alcombedas.
Publications. Being a municipality of less than 3,500 inhabitants, the municipality of Ingrandes has the possibility of choosing its mode of publication of regulatory acts and decisions presenting neither a regulatory nor an individual character. The choice fell on public display. However, the council is going to think about a second mode of mobile communication in order to quickly convey information, as in the event of a weather alert.
Hike. A fourth hiking trail has been accepted by the community of agglomerations of Grand Chtellerault. It will soon be listed on the departmental plan of walks and hikes in Vienne. Specific marking will then be established. Starting from Gros-Caillou lake to go through the Niallires forest, this 12km hiking circuit will be called Chemin du lac au Niallires.
Divers. Due to the success of the exhibition organized at the beginning of the month by the Ingrandese artist Nathalie Moricet, the council proposes to acquire one, or even two works by this sculptress on fence. The choice would be the giraffe and or the pink elephant.
From Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 June, traffic at a place called Les Varennes will be severely disrupted. The garbage will not be collected and the school transport will not be able to pass only this place but everything will be restored for the passage of the patent of the college students.

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