Modica – From 30 June and for all weekends in July, ‘Scenari, Modica Legge’, will be a review of appointments with great books and great writers

Countdown to Thursday 30 June. That day, the curtain will rise and Modica will become the City of Books and Writers! Mondadori Bookstore, with the municipality of Modica and the signature at the bottom of Maria Monisteri, Chamber of Commerce, Garibaldi Foundation, the media partnership of Video Region channel 14, realizes ‘Scenari, Modica Legge’, the first review of writers and books in history of the city, in three splendid locations: the Castello dei Conti, the Municipal Atrium and Piazzetta Campailla.

And on June 30th, it will be a great start: Modica immediately wears the gala dress with Simonetta Agnello Hornby and her latest literary effort which is also the summary of these days of books in the County: La Cuntittizza. From that weekend on, until July 30, it will be a succession of events and characters: from Luca Telese to Catena Fiorello, from Gianluigi Nuzzi to Paolo Crepet, from Luca Palamara to Folco Terzani, passing through Elvira Seminara, Alessandro Barbaglia, Luigi La Rosa, Teresa Lussone, Giulio Guidorizzi and Silvia Romani who will close an excellent parterre of culture, current events, history and flashes of life. And exceptionally on Tuesday, July 26th, Stefania Andreoli will also be there! What else, would George Clooney say? And then, beware of surprises, which will not be lacking … indeed!

It will be a review of great names, with great themes, with great moments, with great culture. A month of books, writers and big events; of intense and emotional moments, in suggestive and extraordinary locations. All in the heart and among the symbols of Modica. Which since June 30 has been reading, showing itself and telling stories. We are there … raise the curtain, let’s go and begin!



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