MLB: who are the top players of this 2022?

Read this article and find out with us what is the current ranking of the best performing MLB players of this 2022

The MLB is now entering the heart of its 2022 season, and players are already starting to get noticed that they will be the masters of the game diamond.

For this reason, we wanted to carry out an analysis of the various top-players currently present in Major League Baseball, going to propose our very personal top 3.

#1 – Mike Trout, Angels

Trout has yet to finish a season as an MVP for OPS in MLB, but he has always come close, recording an OPS of at least .990 in each of the last seven seasons. In fact, Trout has four of the nine highest OPS scores in a single season dating back to 2015 and is currently leading his personal best as well (1,090).

Compared to his usual level of excellence, Trout appears to have started off a bit with the brake on in 2022. Of the first 10 games he played, his batting score was .273 with five extra-base strokes. Not bad, but in the next five games he definitely made a change of course, scoring .526 with three home runs, three doubles and one triple.

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Back to us, Trout could easily have won his fourth MVP trophy last year: his form was insane and in the first month of the season, he had already recorded seven home runs, with an OPS of 1,332. Unfortunately, a calf injury then relegated him to slow physical recovery.

#2 – Nolan Arenado, Cardinals

In second place we decided to enter the Cardinals third base, Nolan Arenado. His first 10 games of the 2022 season have been remarkably strong, recording five doubles, five home runs and 14 RBI.

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We decided to place it in second place in our ranking because from 2015 to 2021, Arenado was the best in the Major League RBI (with a whopping 752, beating his closest rival by 71 RBI), and was ranked second in the statistics of the home run (with 241).

He is a very complete player, who is also liked by Tony Sloterman, the Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder; in fact he stated: “I have been following baseball for many years, and my favorite player is without a doubt Nolan Arenado. His golden glove is incredible when he is in his favorite position, and he has also shown that he can beat with the determination of champions ”.

#3 – Max Scherzer, Mets

Closing our top 3 of the best players in current MLB is Max Scherzer. The New York Mets player, nicknamed “Mad Max”, will turn 38 very soon (already a particularly advanced age for American baseball), but despite this, he still manages to score incredible numbers.

Evidently the fragrant deal with the Mets ($ 130 million in three years, the highest contract ever in MLB) must have suddenly rejuvenated him. This was especially seen in the first games, in which Scherzer’s performance contributed to the victory against the Washington Nationals (his former favorite team).

If the Mets now firmly lead the NL East rankings, with 41 wins over their closest rivals 36, much of the credit goes to Mad Max.

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