MLB Mexico focuses goals on content distribution

The MLB returns with the event most longed for by its followers in Mexico. The games will be back in 2023 and it is news of great relevance after three years without a presence, but in addition to that, the league office in Mexico has an agenda of priority issues that have been the economic engine.

Rodrigo Fernández, director of MLB Latin America spoke with El Economista about the plans and activations in Mexico, where the league planted its roots in 2016 with an office that is currently evaluating the importance of shaping the MLB Mexico brand in areas outside of sports in the life of the fans and that touches the whole country. Leave the centralized vision of Mexico City.

“In the commercial balance, today 40% corresponds to TV rights and 30% between sponsorships and merchandising”.

TV, MLB TV and social networks have been loyal distributors of content, and now the MLB is betting on a new broadcast window starting this season with Apple TV+, a platform that will tune into a Friday Night Baseball weekly doubleheader with live pre-game and post-game shows with no local broadcast restrictions. The production will be carried out by MLB Network and in addition to being broadcast in the United States, Canada and Mexico, the games can be seen in Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

“Our ratings on traditional, paid or open TV have grown, however we have expanded our range of content proposals through our commercial partners such as FOX, ESPN, where they have expanded the offer in the Major Leagues on their platforms. With MLB TV, every year we grow double digits in the number of subscribers we have.”

The league needs to serve a base of almost 50 million fans in Mexico and for this reason, they will continue with the call for activities such as MLB Chef, MLB Home and the debutant Home Run Derby X that will be held at Campo Marte in Mexico City on the 15th. October, having made its first stop in London on July 9, followed by Seoul on September 17.

“We continue to exploit the different ways of distributing content, we have such a large offer of games, traditional media continue to have important audiences, but today the public between 20 and 30 years old is not so attached to it to watch baseball except for the Series World. But we’re focusing on that, because we understand that those social media audiences are migrating to traditional media.”



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