Mito Raise is a national ticket All Japan School Children’s Softball Baseball Ibaraki Prefectural Qualifying Second time in 6 years V: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Mito Raise players receiving commendations at the closing ceremony = Mito City Sports Park Softball Baseball Stadium

The 42nd All Japan School Children’s Baseball Tournament (McDonald Tournament) Ibaraki Prefectural Preliminary Tournament (sponsored by the Prefectural Softball Baseball Federation, sponsored by the Tokyo Shimbun, etc.) Raise (Mito) defeated Kaminakazuma New Friends (same) 14-7 and won the championship for the first time in six years. Mito will participate in the national competition.

Mito caught up with 6 points in the first run, but turned around in the 4th inning. He scored five more times and won the cold. At the closing ceremony, the athletes received a victory flag, a victory cup, etc. from the tournament officials.

In the sixth grade of the captain’s elementary school, Akihiro Tomita (11) said, “I thought it was dangerous the first time, but I felt that I could score points with the back attack and reverse it. I was able to win the championship. I’m very happy. I want to win all the cold at the national tournament. “

The national convention will be held from August 8th in Tokyo, Jingu, etc. Kukizaki Fighters (Tsuchiura), who won the 3rd place playoff held before the final at the Kanto Block Sports Boy Scouts Exchange Tournament held in Kanagawa Prefecture, is the Kanto schoolchildren held in Tokyo. Participate in a softball baseball tournament. (Yuji Kato)

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