Newsletter Turkish Basketball 1st League play-off final series

Hall: Mustafa Dagestanli

Referees: İbrahim Altıntaş, Fatih Güler, Berk Kurtulmuş

Samsunspor: Utku Saraloğlu 4, Mert Gizir 10, Gökhan Aydın 24, İzzet Türkyılmaz 5, Ercan Bayrak 4, Mert Ali Sert 4, Friday 13, Burak Eşlik 8, Ege Yaşar 5, Frazier 14, Göktuğ Baş 5

Beysu Konyaspor Basketball: Can Özcan 17, Mert Konuk 6, Morgan 28, Hamza Alptuğ Baştuğ, Mehmet Özdoğan 5, Hazer Avcı, Cengiz Aydın Ergen 2, Azizcan Özdemir 3, Can Altıntığ 2, Umut Pass, Tayfun Erülkü 17, Derek 19

1. Period: 22-22

Circuit: 44-34

3. Period: 64-62

Normal time: 85-85

In the second match of Turkish Basketball 1st League play-off final series, Beysu Konyaspor Basketball beat Samsunspor 99-96 away in overtime, bringing the series to 1-1.

The first quarter ended in a 22-22 draw with both teams’ mutual baskets.

Increasing its effective play in the second quarter, the red-white team finished the half with a 10-point lead 44-34.

Towards the end of the third period, Beysu Konyaspor Basketball team went to the locker room due to foreign matter coming from Samsunspor stands. While the game, which stopped for about 10 minutes, continued from where it left off, Samsunspor was ahead in the period 64-62.

In the fourth quarter, Beysu Konya Basketball took the lead and increased the gap to 7 points for a while. However, Samsunspor made the situation 85-85 with the baskets they found in the last seconds and took the match to overtime.

Beysu Konyaspor won the match 99-96, outperforming its opponent in basketball overtime.

The third match of the final series, where the team with three wins will reach the championship, will be played on Thursday, June 16, at the Selçuklu Municipality Sports Hall, hosted by Beysu Konyaspor.

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