Miroslav Klose as a coach at Altach

DThe white tablecloth in front of Miroslav Klose threw a number of creases, but the wobbly SCR Altach regulars’ table pennant remained steadfast. The ambience at the self-proclaimed village club was actually not worthy of the World Cup record scorer, who was seated in the crowded room at the front. But that didn’t bother Klose at all. “I’m allowed to work where others vacation. I really feel like it,” said the SCR’s new hope at his presentation on Monday.

Altach has 7,000 inhabitants, and the social highlight every 14 days is the gourmet market in the heart of the community – and of course the SCR, which has been playing in the Austrian Oberhaus since 2014. This is exactly where Klose gets his first chance as a coach in professional football. “Something should be created here, and I want to contribute to that,” said Klose, while the press representatives crowded in front of him.

“Didn’t come for the money”

The expectations are high, after all, it’s not every day that a world star is hired in the provinces. However, managing director Christoph Längle tried to be realistic. “We will not start building castles in the air. Nobody will ask Miro that we have to be in the top six now,” said Längle, emphasizing: “He didn’t come for the money, other reasons and motives were the driving force.”

For example, the chance to gain profile away from the spotlight. Last season, Altach only held the class on the last day of the game, now Klose can try it out. The little stage? No problem. “Of course I have clear ideas. But it’s also clear: I have to adapt. I have to lower my expectations a bit,” said Klose, who last worked as an assistant coach at Bayern Munich.

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The world star, who appeared in a red T-shirt with the SCR logo, then asked for time to be able to implement his ideas. “I know where I want to go. I want to take the team to the next level. But some processes take a long time. I absolutely give myself the time,” said the 2014 world champion.

Klose had only met the team for the first time a few hours before his performance, so he didn’t want to say anything about his planned game philosophy. “The fans should go home after the games and see that SCR Altach gave everything,” said the 137-time national player.

But Klose and Altach, does that fit at all? At least Managing Director Längle is convinced of that. “At first glance, this may seem absurd to some. But Miro is a very hard worker, and nothing was given to us on the way to the Bundesliga,” said Längle: “The world of values ​​that Miro stands for is almost identical to the world of values ​​of SCR.”



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