Mini-Games: Tahiti easily defeats the Mariannes in badminton

Aces of the wheel these red ants! Facing the Mariannes badminton team, Tahiti easily qualified. The hardest part is yet to come when the Tahitians face the Caledonians. But it is in disciplines such as va’a or athletics that the Tahitians’ hopes of medals are greatest.

In badminton, Tahiti wins against the Mariana Islands. A health walk for the Tahitians. The team from the host country, freshly arrived in the discipline, does not have much experience, but our red ants remain on their guard.

The Tahiti men’s badminton team.

©Polynesia the 1st

For its second match, Tahiti will face the Solomon Islands team, again new to the discipline.

But it’s Wednesday that things will get tougher because the red ants will face the cagous of New Caledonia.

The Tahiti men’s tennis team won a bronze medal in team tennis. The gold medal goes to the host country, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the silver to Vanuatu. In the women’s team, it’s a disappointment for the Tahitians, the level was very high. Papua New Guinea takes gold, Fiji silver and Tonga bronze.

va'a mini games 2022

In va’a, Tahiti has a serious chance of winning medals.

©Polynesia the 1st

But the Tahitian selection can feed big hopes of medals with the va’a events and not only.

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