Miner surprised Takács with his interest. I’m a miner, he reports

Pavel Banba, the new coach of Baník, also praised his stay. “Laco Takács is an experienced player, I don’t even know how many starts he has in the league. After Lašty in Baník, maybe the most. He played a lot of league matches and his position inspires respect. It’s good that such players come to Baník, “says the 58-year-old coach, who counts on the position of a defensive shield in the reserve with a long-standing football player who also has experience in European Cup fights against Dortmund or Inter Milan.

“I don’t think I care. I will not choose. Wherever the coach gives me, I will try to follow the instructions and play as best I can, “smiles Takács, who peeked into the league for the first time in 2014 in the Teplice jersey. But he also worked in Mladá Boleslav, from where he moved to Slavia in 2019. Although he won two championship titles in it (2020, 2021), he did not win a place in the base due to injury.

“I had a beautiful three years in Slavia and I have a lot of pleasant memories. But it didn’t work out, and I wasted about half my engagement. So it’s so mixed. It would probably be happier if I played more and was healthy. When I went to Baník to host the option, it was clear that I would not return. That’s why I focused on convincing Baník so that I could stay. I am glad that it succeeded, “confides a native of Františkovy Lázně.

The offspring of Teplice has a clear plan in Ostrava to get back to the well-being that helped him to the national team in the past. Although only youth. “I have not played for long time. I need to get back in shape and play a season of taste, at least a season. Get up a little, “he muses.

“The miner wanted me, even though I was not in good health. It was a surprise, and I appreciate it a lot because I was a little afraid of what would happen. But Baník gave me a chance, so I wanted to succeed here. Now I am healthy, Baník has exercised the option and I am a miner, “Takács emphasizes.



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