Miguel Ángel Borja close to River Plate: Junior from Barranquilla will have the decision | Colombians Abroad

Incessant rumors have fallen to the offices of the Char in the Junior of Barranquilla. A course that seemed solved because Miguel Ángel Borja had maintained his illusion of continuing in the Barranquilla team, the club of his love as he has referenced it on several occasions. In turn, he has also changed what they contemplated with Fernando Uribe.

River Plate is looking for a striker to replace Julián Álvarez, who remains intractable in Argentina with two goals against Unión de Santa Fe on the fourth date of the local rental. In the River Plate team they welcome the incorporation of Miguel Ángel Borja, who has charmed Marcelo Gallardo, but without a doubt, Junior does not want to lose his scorer. They don’t see it as profitable at all, because they don’t want to lose money on a transfer as they had done in the past with Palmeiras.

Thus, the Atlantic team activates emergencies due to the imminent departure of Miguel Ángel Borja and that is to bet on Fernando Uribe who was close to the exit door. In addition, with the departure of Carlos Bacca from Granada in Spain, the fans welcome the possibility that the striker will return to Junior de Barranquilla again.

The different Argentine newspapers already take for granted the arrival of Miguel Ángel Borja to the ranks of River Plate, a team that Diego Valoyes could also join, who seems to rebel with Talleres de Córdoba in search of his departure to Buenos Aires. In the case of the Cordovan, Juan Cruz Real has already maintained that he would not cut off the striker’s wings, because whoever is not seduced by reaching the ‘millionaire’ club.

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Without the South American Cup or the possibility of fighting for the league title, Miguel Ángel Borja is about to land a prestigious rod where he could perform in the Conmebol Libertadores Cup, as long as his signing is quick. River Plate has until Saturday, June 25, to register additions to face Vélez Sarsfield in the round of 16.

Junior does not want to put one for the future of Miguel Ángel Borja, but it is well known that the club also has the last word, since the striker still has a contract, and the people of Barranquilla are attentive to the money that River Plate puts on the table. They do not want to repeat the same case when with operations with Palmeiras they lost economic capital. His arrival could happen soon and the riverplatenses would put a figure around 5 million dollars.

With that imminent departure of Miguel Ágel Borja waiting to be resolved soon, Junior from Barranquilla will have to analyze his forward. Given the possible departures of Fernando Uribe and Carmelo Valencia, they will have to decide at least to keep one and see what happens with Carlos Bacca.



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