Mieleras approaches the conference title in the LMBPF – El Sol de León

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- In full play one of the final of the National Conference of the Mexican Women’s Professional Basketball League, the honey fields of Guanajuato they had a real day in the office by beating Escaramuzas de Jalisco 85-59 as visitors.

The quintet led by coach José Carlo Villegas not only extended their streak to 27 conquests, but also reaffirmed herself as a wide favorite to lift her fourth titlealthough subject to what the contenders from the other zone may say, such as Regias de Monterrey and the current Lobas de Aguascalientes monarchs.

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For now, the team from the city of Cervantes did their part and knew how to dominate a rival that was greatly diminished with the absence of one of their main basket players throughout the campaigncase of the Ecuadorian Doris Lasso, who had to report with her country’s team for the Bolivarian Games.

Just in the first quarter the “Queens of the Beehive” They already boasted a double-digit advantage, which was extended to 20 with the points that Paty López found from the free throw line. In the end, the only bad news in this resounding triumph would be López’s own ankle injury.

With the exception of the second period, in the rest the Honey They managed to overcome the barrier of 20 units, contrary to the “Muzas”, who even in that period would stagnate at nine, allowing the visitors to put more land in between in the score.

The afternoon was round for the American Destiny Campbell after a double-double of 32 points and 14 rebounds; Similarly, the Nigerian Ijeoma Uchendu contributed 15 units and 17 boards, while Akilah Bethel had 10 rebounds. It should be noted that Villegas gave minutes to all his available players and only Verónica Sandoval and Itzel Villegas were left with the desire to score.

Through the Tapatias, the Trinitarian Chervelle Cox concluded with a double-double of 13 units and 15 boards, while former honeymaker Italivy Ramos left with 15 points and seven rebounds.

The second of the series will be played next Saturday at 7:00 p.m. in the Yerbabuena Auditorium. A victory separates the Mieleras from reaching the LMBPF grand final.

El Score

1P 2P 3P 4P Total
Skirmishes (0-1) 11 9 17 22 59
Mieleras (1-0) 24 14 24 23 85

The Leaders

Jalisco skirmishes

Chervelle Cox

13 Points

15 Rebounds

3 Steals

honey from Guanajuato

Destiny Campbell

32 Points

14 rebounds

2 Assists



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