Mi Games 2022, the union between Nintendo Switch Sports and sport is reality

The perfect combination between Nintendo and Mi Games is coming

From June 24the collaboration between Nintendo e Mi Gamesthe largest sporting tournament in Italy that has been running for a long time nine years with competitions of 5v5 football, Basket 3v3 e Beach Volley. Participants in various tournaments will be able to relax by playing Nintendo Switch Sports between one match and another, challenging each other in six different sports: volleyball, football, basketball, chambara, tennis and badminton.

Mi Games will start from Parmawithin the Citadel Parkand from 24 to 26 June it will be possible to view the tournaments of 5v5 football, Basket 3v3 e Beach Volleytogether with areas dedicated to Nintendo Switch Sports. Subsequently, the competition will move to Santa Margherita Ligure dal 21 to 24 Julywith the final stages taking place from 29 to 31 July.

Mi Games and Nintendo join forces for the ninth edition of the event

As mentioned above, between games it will be possible to have fun with Nintendo Switch Sportsthe new gaming experience that brings the fun and challenge of real sports to the latest home console Nintendo. As in the other titles in the series, you can use the controller Joy-Con to reproduce real-world movements in the game.

The new sports that have been included in the game also include the volleyball (1-4 players), where you can serve, raise and receive by raising your arms with a controller Joy-Con; il badminton (1-2 players), in which it is necessary to challenge the Joy-Con as if it were a racket and accurately target shots thanks to the precision of the movement controls; and finally the soccer thanks to which the leg band can also be used in penalty mode.

There is, of course, no shortage of great classics, such as the tennis (1-4 players), where you can play doubles and hit shots such as topspin and slice; the beloved one also returns bowlingwith matches up to 16 players and an exclusive obstacle course mode, and the chanbarain which you have to push the opponent off the platform with a sword, choosing from three possible weapons, including double swords that can be used with two Joy-Con. But the news is not over: with a free update coming to theautumn 2022, the golf come seventh sport.



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