Mesut Özil: Turkey separation? Final break with his club Fenerbahçe Istanbul – Football

If only he would cause such a stir on the pitch…

Mesut Özil (33) has long been considered one of the best footballers in the world, inspiring with great dribbling and breathtaking passes. Nothing has been seen of this for years, the ex-superstar is in a crisis.

At Herzensklub Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Özil wanted to give his career a new shine – without success.

In Turkey, too, Özil causes a sensation almost exclusively off the pitch.

The midfielder received a shitstorm on Monday. Reason: The five-time German national player of the year unfollowed his employer, Fenerbahçe Istanbul, on social media. An absolute absurdity for many fans!

Özil has long since ceased to be a top performer and is absolutely dispensable in sport. But many supporters accuse the German with Turkish roots of not keeping his word and not caring about the club.

There is already a heated discussion in the forums as to whether Özil, who was last deployed at the beginning of April due to a suspension, will leave the club this summer.

Although he still has a contract until 2024, Fenerbahçe would not put any obstacles in his way. On the contrary. At the Turks’ club, they should even be happy if Özil, who is one of the top earners, left the club.

However, it is unclear whether that will happen. In the past, the hopeful at the time had already said that he no longer wanted to play for any other club. So the whole thing can become a stalemate. Or on the bench or grandstand for seating!

According to media reports, Özil has long been planning his career after his career. The former world-class player is a self-confessed fan of video games and enjoys playing Fortnite a lot in his free time.

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Advisor Erkut Sögüt explained that Özil will not switch to virtual sport in the near future, but that a future there is conceivable. In addition, the German is said to be working on his own sports streaming service and having invested around 100 million euros in it.



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