Messi has a thorn in his side for not being able to say goodbye to Barça fans as he would have liked

BarcelonaLeo Messi has had a strange season in his first year at PSG. He reluctantly left Barça, disappointed with president Joan Laporta for not achieving what both sides wanted: to expand their ties as Barça. The Argentine went from saying goodbye in tears on August 8 at the 1899 Auditorium of the Camp Nou to landing a few days later at the Parisian club, surrounded by teammates from his country and also from his friend. Neymar. Messi’s season in Paris has not been as he would have liked: the change of air after a whole career at Barça, the injuries and also the coronavirus made it difficult for him to reach his optimal physical level and be able to enjoy himself on the pitch. The premature elimination from the Champions League in the round of 16 against Real Madrid was also a hard blow. And, although he did not make great public displays of joy during the celebration of the title of the French league with PSG, the Argentine values ​​having added one more trophy to his showcases.

Messi finally regained his smile at the end of the season, lifting a new title with Argentina after defeating Italy (0-3) in the duel between the South American champions and the reigning European champions. . Despite the problems of finding an optimal point at the beginning of the season, the former Barça captain arrived in shape at the end of the season. Against the transalpine team he was decisive, although he did not score, but a few days later, in a friendly against Estonia, the captain of thealbiceleste made the five goals of the made goals one of its country (5-0).

“He is doing very well physically. The World Cup (to be held in Qatar between November and December) is a great motivation for him. “Leonardo) is also excited. He wants to get to the World Cup well”, they tell ARA from their environment. “He has one more year of contract with PSG and will decide his future after the World Cup, not before.” The Argentine is not yet old enough to turn 35 this Friday. It will be his first birthday away from Barça in almost two decades.

The tribute to Barça, very cold

Messi has already recovered from his painful farewell to Barça, who arrived just after a year in which he had to stay at the club. When he wanted to continue, however, this was cut short. What still weighs on the former Barça captain is that he has not been able to say goodbye to the Barça fans who had been indulging in his football exhibitions for so many years. “Messi has this thorn in his side. Not having said goodbye to the fans, to the people.” Last week, during the extraordinary assembly in which the endorsement of the compromising partners was obtained to activate the “economic levers”, Joan Laporta referred to it after the former president had spoken about it. Joan Gaspar. “Messi’s sorrow has made me sad since it happened. At the time, circumstances led us to do what we did, but that can’t spoil the recognition we owe him. I hope that sooner or later, hopefully sooner rather than later, we can pay tribute to a player who has given us so many years of glory. “

Consulted by ARA, both from the footballer’s environment and from Barça, they admit that there has not been any official communication yet and that neither the farewell format at the Camp Nou nor any specific date has been advanced. As with the board, the dressing room’s relationship with the Argentine has also cooled, although he maintains a great friendship with captains such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. In fact, Messi would like to return to Barça in the future and do tasks related to sports management or the technical secretariat. Positions that seduce him more than coaching.

No debts with Messi

In terms of financial issues, Barça has no financial backlog with its former captain. Only the deferral for three years of the fixed salary that Carles Tusquets, as chairman of the management board, agreed at the end of 2020 with the bulk of the dressing room is pending. As ARA has learned, the other concepts included in the end of the Argentine’s last contract with Barça have already been paid for. This June 24, Messi will blow out 35 candles away from a Camp Nou that has not yet been able to fire its most contemporary legend.



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