Mercato: Lafont, Simon, Blas … Nantes opens the floodgates

Despite the coronation in the Coupe de France and the qualification for the Europa League, FC Nantes will not retain some of its executives. Alban Lafont, Moses Simon and Ludovic Blas have an exit voucher for this summer transfer window.

Lafont will not be retained by Nantes.

Football is played very little. Who would have thought that FC Nantes, on the verge of relegation after a completely failed visit by Raymond Domenech at the start of 2021, would be qualified for the Europa League a year later? Nobody.

Enthusiastic in Ligue 1, the Canaries won the Coupe de France to make their return to the European scene. A comeback through the front door that could be done without many frames.

Exit vouchers for Lafont, Simon and Blas

Indeed, three major players in the squad have permission to leave in the coming weeks: Alban Lafont, Moses Simon and Ludovic Blas. Determining players in the spectacular recovery of the club. They have an exit slip, it’s very clear. Afterwards, it is according to the offers that they will have explained Antoine Kombouar at a press conference.

Close to the exit at the end of the exercise, the Nantes coach has no trouble getting behind the choice of his direction. If they have offers that suit them and the club, they will leave. We will be very happy and we will work to replace them. If they are there with us, they will be part of the workforce and we will work with them. the 58-year-old continued.

Simon agrees with Nice

This does not prevent the Kanak from being convinced that an element like Lafont, author of an XXL season in the Nantes goal and who has seriously approached the French team, will stay. He is very happy with us. For me, he is gone to stay. But the transfer window ends on September 1… concluded the FCN coach, torn between confidence and fear.

For the Nigerian winger (6 goals and 8 assists in 34 games), the mass seems to be over, since he already has an agreement with Nice, who will have to find common ground with Nantes. As for the French attacking midfielder (15 goals and 5 assists in 41 games), the time seems ideal to sell him at a high price as his contract expires in two years.

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