Medvedev got into a shouting match with his coach… and he walked off the court and stood him up!

Cdown a set (6-1) and as soon as he lost his serve at the start of the second, Daniil Medvedev He turned to his coach in the stands of the center court of the ATP 500 de Halle to yell at him totally out of his mind. The Russian’s frustration and bad manners, yes, were not tolerated by Gilles Cervara do not hesitate to leave the premises Tired of his pupil’s attitude.

It is not the first time that the current number one in the world he pays his bad game with his ‘coach’ nor the first one that he responds by leaving the stands. The same ‘little scene’ occurred in the past Australian Open 2021 when Cervara left the tennis player alone again after he yelled at him in very bad ways after losing a game in white against Krajinovic in the third round.

The ‘abandonment’ did not work this time

On that occasion, after losing the third set and going down 4-1 in the fourth, the ‘frightened’ of the coach acted as a shock for the Russian who ended up winning the match in the fifth and final set, something that this time did not happen in the Halle final against a solid Hurkacz.

Banned from Wimbledon due to his Russian nationalityMedvedev has yet to lift a grass-court title this season after losing two straight finals in just seven days.

After falling into shanghai tournament before him sorprendente Tim van RijthovenDaniil has added a new defeat in a decisive match before travel to majorca to dispute as first seeded the ATP 250 which is held on the slopes of the Mallorca Country Club in Santa Pona.



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