Mayor of Karlovy Vary: We want the Extraliga. Maybe we can find a solution

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Karlovy Vary hockey is in danger of ending in the highest competition. The owner of the local club, Karel Holoubek, is considering selling a license to Zlín for financial reasons. Only the Chance League could play in Karlovy Vary in the autumn.

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“The city management is behind the club,” assures the mayor Andrea Pfeffer Ferklová (YES). “We definitely want the Extraliga in Karlovy Vary.”

The sale of the extra-league license was already discussed in connection with Energy in 2016, when the West Bohemians negotiated with Jihlava.

Now it is at stake that the highest competition will move from Karlovy Vary to Zlín. This variant has already been officially confirmed by the club owner Karel Holoubek, who has a hard time finding sponsors in the region and the economic situation is not recording similar unnecessary expenses.

Mayor Pfeffer Ferklová is also aware of this: “I fully understand the situation in which the club may find itself due to the current economy and expensive energy. The situation is difficult for all of us: for the whole city, our contributory organizations and, of course, for all the sports clubs that have been affected by the jump in energy prices, not only. ”

It is already clear from the long-term Energy transfer policy that Karlovy Vary has one of the smallest budgets in the Tipsport extraleague. He therefore bets on young players who have not been given such space elsewhere. In Energie, however, they often flourish in the game: you can name, for example, Jiří Černoch or Jan Hladonik.

“I fully understand the situation a club may find itself in because of the current economy and expensive energy.”

But what will happen next with Karlovy Vary?

“I will be very happy if we manage to provoke a meaningful discussion on this topic and we find a solution that will lead to the preservation of the extra league in Karlovy Vary. I believe that every problem can be solved, “the mayor wishes.

“It would be very difficult for Karlovy Vary to return to the Czech hockey elite.”

Hockey is a long tradition of our city and the players represent us very well,” she wrote in a statement on her Facebook. “We even had five players preparing for the World Cup this year, and two of them were successfully fighting for bronze medals there.”

“When I see how much work it took Kladno to return to the elite or how Jihlava fights for promotion every year… It would be very difficult for Karlovy Vary to return to the Czech hockey elite. And I definitely wouldn’t want that, “says Pfeffer Ferklová.

Photo: Aleš Bedlík,

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