Max 35 balloncesto tournament opens in SDO

With the participation of eight teams, the tournament of Max 35 baloncestoin the town West Santo Domingo.

The following groups participate in the sports fair: Olimpo, Los Novatos, Arenaso Las Caobas, Las Palmas, Villa Nazaret, Los Americanos, Los 300 and Enriquillo.

For about five weeks the teams will compete to reach the Eddy Disla cup.

The organizers of the tournament explained that the objective of celebrating it is to contribute to the development of young people in the face of such challenging times that they have had to live.

They reported that they try to hold the event every year, but face budget difficulties for it. For this reason, they thanked the support of engineer Eddy Disla, to whom the event is dedicated, as well as the collaboration of the Mayor’s Office of West Santo Domingothrough its director of Urban Cleaning, Amaury Peña, Miguel Angel Sarit and Jaime Rojas, among other personalities who have shown solidarity with this cause.

Pablo Rodríguez (Domingo), president of the Club Arenaso Las Caobas, invited the families of the municipality and nearby areas to come together and support the teams.

Freddy Romero, president of Club Villa Nazaret, indicated that “this is an old tournament” because the participating players are over 35 years old.

“This is the prelude to the pre-superior tournament that we also hold, a tournament where young people become professional,” he explained.

On his side, the engineer Eddy Disla highlighted the importance of this sporting event for the help it represents for youth, “especially in our country where there is so much crime.”

“Whenever the municipality needs me, I will be there sponsoring this type of event, since I understand that it is the most important thing for youth,” said Disla.

He added that since 2014 he has sponsored this type of activity in different sports disciplines.

The results

Earlier this Saturday, Las Palmas defeated Olimpo, 49 points to 42.

In the second game, Los Novatos, in extra time, beat Los Americanos, from Los Alcarrizos, 46 by 45 points.

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