MARKET TRANSFERS FC BARCELONA | “Lewandowski is very disappointed”

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The former Polish soccer player Tomasz Hajto blames the current Bayern leaders for the striker’s will to sign for FC Barcelona

“Neither Robert nor Bayern need this theater,” he said.

The possible signing of Robert Lewandowski by FC Barcelona is the operation of the summer market that is focusing the attention of world football. The transfer has become a matter of state not only at Barça and Bayern. From his native country, Poland, they also closely follow the evolution of the negotiations between the Catalan club and the Bavarian.

The last to analyze the operation was his compatriot Tomasz Hajto, who also played in the Bundesliga, in the ranks of Schalke 04 and Nuremberg. In statements to ‘SPORT1’, the now coach has blamed the current leaders of Bayern of Lewandowski’s willingness to want a change of scene.

He’s just deeply disappointed“Assured a Hajto who hinted that the striker may have felt cheated: “Oliver Khan said he sent him a renewal offer, but Robert said he had not received it.”

The former soccer player considered that this matter “should have been resolved internally. This would not have happened with Rummenigge and Hoenes. Nothing was ever made public with them. Neither Robert nor Bayern need this theater“.



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