Market rumor: James and David Ospina together in Valencia, Spain? Version in Italy | Colombians Abroad

It is not to spoil the entrance party, but every time the market opens, the players represented by Jorge Mendes suddenly start to rise, at the tip of the media and managers with good relations with the Portuguese.

Sad but true. And Mendes is the agent of James Rodríguez, the one who since he took him to Bayern Munich has not hit a deal with him on the market and the one who, it seems, is offering him in half of Europe with some degree of desperation. Sorry for the spoiler, but all of this must be taken into account before referring to the new rumor circulating in specialized transfer media.

This is a lottery jackpot that could be won by Colombia: James and David Ospina could play together in the same club, in one of the five major leagues in Europe? That’s how cute it seems to be!… it seems.

The first movement in this direction occurred in the last hours: the Italian coach Genaro Gatusso will be the new coach of Valencia in Spain, as confirmed by the journalist Fabrizio Romano. Apparently only the official announcement is missing.

That detail is key because it is about a DT who valued, like perhaps no other, Ospina’s talent in the goal and one of his first demands would be precisely the man from Antioquia, who would arrive as a free player.

“He has not yet responded to Napoli’s renewal proposal and that suggests that the Colombian goalkeeper’s idea is to evaluate a more advantageous offer,” explained La Gazzeta dello Sport.

And that’s where James enters the scene, David’s great friend (in fact they were family for years, since the creative was married to the goalkeeper’s sister, Daniela), and whose agent is very close to the controversial Peter Lim, owner of Valencia.

But there is the doubt: that closeness of the Portuguese with the owner of the notice has been used dozens of times with many players, including James, without the hirings having crystallized until now. It is said in the specialized market that every time Mendes needs to list a player he makes him a target for Valencia because he knows they will not deny him, but are they really interested in a player like James?

That’s the point: a very high salary like that of the left-hander is priceless for a Valencia on the brink of bankruptcy, managed stumblingly, which has caused very forceful protests from the fans, especially after the last campaign, in which they did not no European competition was achieved, which will guarantee abundant resources. Without money and without continuity, as is the case with James, will there be a transfer? It doesn’t seem very likely.

The case of the creative contrasts with that of Ospina, who brings competition rhythm, proven ability and results in Napoli. In addition, he is not that expensive, nor would he have to assume high transfer costs. But it’s not that simple for James. We will have to wait to see what the market dictates.



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