Marcelo had a great fight with Carlo Ancelotti, peace after imitating the Teletubbies

BOLASPORT.COM – The legend of Real Madrid, Marcelo, apparently had a big fight with Carlo Ancelotti.

The crux of the problem, Marcelo as captain of Real Madrid has a big responsibility to the team.

The problem is, he doesn’t get much chance to play.

This then made Marcelo, the Real Madrid player with the most trophies (25 titles), quite depressed and caused him to have an argument and fight with Carlo Ancelotti.

However, the bickering between Marcelo and Ancelotti died down the next day with the two embracing each other like Teletubbies.

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“I feel a lot of responsibility this season and am really angry with Ancelotti,” said Marcelo, quoted by of Football Italia.

“We had a fight, but the next day we hugged.”

“Finally, I realized that to help the team win the title or the Champions League, it doesn’t matter how much you play.”

“The most important thing is to understand the coach and the team.”

“Of course, I want to play more because I’m Marcelo and all that, but for me, the best thing is to see my players and team-mates win trophies.”

“I feel important even if I don’t play in the final,” Marcelo added.

Marcelo finally decided to leave Real Madrid after a career of 15 years at Los Blancos.

The decision was taken by Marcelo after the 2021-2022 Champions League final match against Liverpool.



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