Marc Gasol: also an MVP of the offices

MVP on the court, as demonstrated during the Final Four of the LEB Or that brought Bàsquet Girona to the ACB, but also to the offices, in his role as president. The sports season ends with a impressive success and the day after the monumental celebration of the rise of football and basketball in the city, Marc Gasol was not on holiday, but in the Auditorium, enthralling dozens of entrepreneurs Girona to invest and bet on their club. The new project is born «Business Club», Which broadly« must be one more branch »when it comes to establishing synergies with the city. “We’ve had a very exciting last 48 hours, but it doesn’t stop there and we want to keep creating excitement. Next season we will have 30 teams and we would like to see you in Fontajau “, he assured in his initial exhibition.

The act had started with one casual breakfast in the auditorium hall, where Marc Gasol was able to talk to everyone who approached him. Then, once inside the Chamber Hall, the dozens of business people who attended the event were able to hear from the director general Xevi Gasau what the proposal of the Business Club consists of. Per 1.950 euros (plus VAT) per season, is offered to companies that wish to display their brand on the APP and on the screens of Fontajau, the possibility of playing a game in the pavilion of Sant Josep with customers or employees, the transfer of tickets and other benefits. One is requested minimum commitment of one season and it was stressed that with the rise in the ACB the impact may be even greater for the company. The event also included three workshops with Carles Cantó, the club’s advisor, CaixaBank’s Jaume Masana and Eurofirms’ Carles Suárez.

There was talk of labor reform, the economy, the impact on the Chinese market and how it would be exciting and exciting for the club to sign a player from this Asian country “because it would open a big window”. But also basketball. Gasol did not hide the emotion he has felt these last two days after the promotion, of how the city has experienced it, and everything was seasoned with the success of Girona football. On Sunday in Fontajau, already with the team at the ACB, the pivot had his eye on Tenerife and even during an interview he learned of the penalty converted by Stuani. He is like that. Girona makes him vibrate.



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