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In the fierce battle with the strong enemy “Yokohama Junior Baseball Team”, the “Mifune Dolphins” led by the protagonist Goro won very beautifully. However, the price paid by Goro as the main pitcher was the pain in his right shoulder. With the transfer of the professional baseball player’s father, Ying Yi, Goro transferred to a school in Kyushu with his father without telling his friends who fought together. Goro regained his energy and accepted the test of the local baseball school “Hakata Minami Junior Baseball Team”, but he and his parents made an agreement that he would never be a pitcher again. So Goro joined the team as an excellent hitter. But none of the teammates welcomed Goro to join. At this time, Yokohama… lost to Goro, but Sato Tosuka, who hoped to be embarrassed, led the “Yokohama Junior Baseball Team” against the “Mifune Dolphins” who lost their motivation because Goro was not there. The “Mifune Dolphins” rekindled their fighting spirit because of Sato Shouya’s words: “As long as you continue to play baseball, you will be able to meet Goro again.” In the end, is it “Yokohama” or “Mifune” who will play against the “Hakata Minami Junior Baseball Team” where Goro is located? And can Goro lead the “Hakata Minami Junior League” team to become the representative of the Kyushu region? Friendship, belief, dream, temperament… The ideas of the teenagers meet on the court! ! put away


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