MAHO Judo Club champion of the Federated Zone of the Dragon Judo Club

Mayor Patricio Ferreira; Body of Councilmen and the Municipality of Alto Hospicio, congratulate the participation and obtaining of the First Place by the MAHO Judo Club, in the Federated Zonal Championship of the Dragon Judo Club, held in the city of Iquique and with the participation of more than 280 judokas.

The hospice delegation had a total of three cups in the event that has the support of the Chilean Judo Federation: First place in the youth category, first place by team and third place in the children’s category.

Standing out among the local judokas is Carlos Patricio Urra, who won a double gold medal in his category of over 90 kilos.

Results Federated categories: First Maho Judo Club; second Club Hiroshima and third Club Nagasaki. And General Champion of the event, the Maho Judo Club.

The zonal tournament organized by the Dragon Judo Club in the Esmeralda gym of the Arturo Prat University, brought together 21 clubs from the north of the country, from the towns of Antofagasta, Atacama, Arica, Iquique and Pozo Almonte, who competed in the child, youth, adult and absolute categories. Participated in the award the sports seremi Vania Llanten and the president of the Federation of Judo of Chile Marcelo Simian.



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