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As always, the biggest spectators on the track were attracted by the fights of MX PRO class riders. In the first race, the titled Tom Macuks (Rodeo MX) was ahead of everyone, the second place was won by Thomas Šileika (MX Druvas), and the third place was reached by Kristers Drevinskis (Rodeo MX).

Macuks also remained unbeaten in the second race, triumphing in the sum of two races and becoming the winner of the stage. Edvards Bidzāns finished second in the race, pushing Thomas Šileiks to the third place in the race. Shileik has silver in the overall standings and Bidzān has bronze.

Unfortunately, on the second trip, one of the leaders of the MX Pro class K. Drevinskis was injured in an unpleasant injury.

“The situation is very serious, but the good news is that it is stable. There are suspicions of several fractures and head injuries, but I will know more precisely in the evening, so now I would not want to spread any rumors. He is currently in the intensive care unit of the Department of Traumatology at Jelgava Hospital. As a result of the fall, the helmet had dissolved. The helmet was of good quality, but the fall was heavy, ”Arvis Sanders, the head of Ventspils club“ Rodeo MX ”, outlined Krister’s condition.

Results of the Jaunpils stage of the National Cup:


1. Toms Macuks (Rodeo MX)
2. Tomas Šileika (MX Druvas)
3. Edvards Bidzāns


1. Jānis Riters (GF Racing team)
2. Edgars Rutkis (Moto Mafia)
3. Rinalds Buraks (MX Ķekava)


1. Rainer Timko (Solar Sports Club)
2. Pēteris Krastiņš (MX Druvas)
3. Miķelis Strazdiņš (Moto Mafia)


1. Romus Latakaitis
2. Valts Gailis (MK Stende)
3. Dainis Badūns (GF Racing Team)


1. Kristers Sproģis (FFF Sports Club)
2. Mārtiņš Deksnis (Mārupe AMK Bieriņi)
3. Egijus Maciunas

MX 50 (latest)

1. Markuss Rode (Mārupe AMK Bieriņi)
2. Leo Veinbergs (Mārupe AMK Bieriņi)
3. Valters Jurčenko (IK Auseklis motoclub)

MX 50 (oldest)

1. Martins Powers
2. Tomas Tilans (Mārupe AMK Bieriņi)
3. Domantas Misevičius

MX 65 (latest)

1. Markuss Haruns (Saldus motorcycle club)
2. Robins Arukase
3. Christopher Valks

MX 65 (oldest)

1. Plato Chekurov
2. Edvards Prialgauskis (Mārupe AMK Bieriņi)
3. Harry Munkevich

MX 85 (latest)

1. Enriko Peilmans
Sebastians Olsens (Rodeo MX)
3. Edijs Pieckis (Saldus motorcycle club)

MX 85 (oldest)

1. Richard Murashko
2. Emīls Ivanovs (Solar Sports Club)
3. Ralfs Zemītis


1. Juss Maidla
2. Jurijs Sigajevs (Saldus motorcycle club)
3. Toms Vanadziņš (Saldus motoclub)

MX Zerro

1. Rihards Sležis
2. Martins Lavrovs
3. Ingus Vasilonoks

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