M105 Inauguration of a baseball field in Waterloo

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The Director General of the Val-des-Cerfs School Service Center, Éric Racine:

The students of Wilfrid-Léger high school and the citizens of Waterloo now benefit from a new sports facility, which was inaugurated on Monday afternoon, a project estimated at nearly one million dollars.

The Val-des-Cerfs School Service Center and Wilfrid-Léger High School unveiled a new baseball field, which will be frequented by fans of the sport.

The new sports area is called: Wilfrid-Léger baseball field and it is located behind the secondary school of this municipality.

Covering an area of ​​14,400 square meters, the venue will be able to accommodate minor level players up to Bantam.

The facility also has storage space, an observation hill and bleachers.

In addition, the field will be lit and the score will be displayed on a new display board.

It should be noted that several partners participated in the development of the project, including the Fondation entraide jeunesse François Godbout.

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