Lunel: the will of the organizers is to make the day “100/without difference(s)” last

Saturday June 18, the activities at the Colette-Besson complex have still not mobilized as many athletes as the organizers would have liked.

The desire to associate disabled and able-bodied people throughout a day and to make able-bodied people aware of the difficulty of carrying out a physical activity for people with disabilities remains intact.

Despite still too modest attendance on Saturday, during the 100/without difference(s) day, Gérard, who is carrying out the project on behalf of the sports department, is certain: “Despite the visibility given to people with disabilities, in particular thanks to the Paralympic Games, there are still obstacles on a daily basis. There remains the gaze of society. And to mobilize the structures, it takes a lot of enthusiasm, hence the interest of such a manifestation.”

Especially since on Saturday, several structures responded to the call from the sports department and the CCAS: the departmental committee Handi34, the APSH34, the MCSA34, the Unapei with the IME Pescalune as well as the fencing club , the Lunello Archers, the badminton club or the Lunel Athlétisme (LA). A club which, moreover, hopes to open certain Nordic walking slots, intended for the disabled public and has a lot of ambition on the theme of sport and health.

The prescription sports device in LA

To develop this sector, the club relies in particular on its high-level athlete Léa Verdier, currently in license adapted physical activities and health. In fact, Lunel Athlétisme is not starting from scratch. Since 2013, thanks to the benefits of the Œnotrail, it has launched “fitness and health” courses, but essentially intended for people with respiratory failure at the start and now extended to Parkinson’s patients. In addition, with Biocoop and Civam bio, LA has also entered into a partnership to raise awareness of the link between sport and food.

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Its next objective would be to set up a prescription sports device intended for all audiences with chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc. “The idea would be to benefit from well-being by doing sports in an appropriate way or to get back in shape to prepare for a sporting challenge”explains the president of LA Laure Wateau.

A project carried by Léa Verdier and which should be finalized for September. In the meantime, for the sports department, the idea of ​​this day of discovery of differences must be, at all costs, perpetuated. “These are actions that must be implemented over time”, insists Gerard. See you in 2023.



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