Lukaku will join Inter, what about Dybala?


Inter Milan will be arriving Romelu Lukaku in the near future. Then, how is the move for Paulo Dybala?

Inter and Chelsea have agreed on the transfer of Lukaku this summer. The Belgian striker will be on loan until the end of the season without a purchase option.

To return Lukaku, Inter must spend 8 million euros plus a bonus of around 4-5 million euros, depending on the number of trophies obtained.

Lukaku’s arrival is certainly Inter’s way of reclaiming the Scudetto, which flew to city rivals AC Milan. Losing Lukaku arguably affects Inter’s strength more or less.

After completing the transfer of Lukaku, Inter still have to work on the transfer of another forward in order to form the trio of Lautaro Martinez, Lukaku and… Dybala.

Yes, Dybala was initially estimated by Inter after his contract expired at Juventus. The good relationship between Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Dybala who had worked together at Juventus was the reason.

Dybala even since a few weeks ago has reached an agreement on a contract worth 7 million euros per season with a duration of three years. However, there were no significant developments in the negotiations.

According to reports Football Italia, Inter immediately diverted their hunt to Lukaku and ended sweetly. If Lukaku comes, then Dybala probably won’t be signed.

Because, Inter are not likely to spend more money related to Financial Fair Play rules and financial conditions that are no longer good. After investigating, it turns out that Dybala’s negotiation process has stalled because of his agent Jorge Antun.

Antun apparently asked for a fairly high fee, the amount of which was not disclosed in the media. Antun did play a big role in Dybala’s career because he has been an agent since Dybala was 15 years old.

If Inter Milan really doesn’t bring in Paulo Dybala, then AS Roma and AC Milan are already in line.

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