Lugo. Journey into the former discount store in via Macello Vecchio which will become the “home” of judo and boxing

A journey into the former discount store in via Macello Vecchio to discover the new intended use of the structure, owned by the Municipality of Lugo for a few days.

The final redevelopment project was approved at the last council meeting. The investment is worth 1,200,000 euros between purchase and redevelopment, for which a budget change was approved at the last meeting of the City Council.

The junta has recently approved the participation of this project in the national tender “Sport and suburbs 2022” – explain from the Lughese administration -. “Another possibility to partially finance the project and thus free up resources for the administration but which is not an alternative to carrying out the intervention.

“In the last council meeting we approved the final project for to make what was once a supermarket a place where the disciplines of judo and boxing finally have an adequate location and where there will also be an aggregation space for citizenship – declared the mayor of Lugo, Davide Ranalli, with the deputy mayor Pasquale Montalti and the councilor for Public Works Veronica Valmori, showing in a video the structure of the former discount store: “We are confident that the images will explain more than many words what urban regeneration means to us”.

“Imagining the city in the coming years, in particular the city after the covid, is working on what already exists to transform its function and make it useful to citizens. After the pandemic, we believe it is necessary to have more meeting places, also suited to basic #sport for children and teenagers, given that sport has paid a high price to the restrictions to contain the coronavirus. This is why we have not given up on the project on this building. Indeed, a few days ago it became part of the heritage of the Municipality of Lugo ”they conclude.



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