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Hilliard changes

First the captain left, now the top scorer too. After saying goodbye to Nihad Djedovic, the FC Bayern basketball players have to Darrun Hilliard let the second top player go. Although it’s a bit wrong with the best shooter, because the guard with an NBA past, who came from the former Euroleague champion CSKA Moscow, couldn’t show what he’s capable of. At the beginning of December, a knee injury forced the 29-year-old to take a three-month break. Getting back on track, he broke his collarbone in the first game of the playoff quarterfinals against Barcelona – season over. He was on the field in 32 of a total of 84 games and still has the best average of just under 14 points in the Euroleague. And lots of love, as he says on Twitter. But we’ll see each other again soon, Hilliard will probably go to Maccabi Tel Aviv. FCB didn’t want to take the option for another year, which was reportedly also due to the salary – that was too high on average.

handshake goes

Handball coach Maik Handschke.

(Photo: Christian Heilwagen/Imago)

Actually, as he recently revealed, would be Maik Handschke gladly stayed longer in Großwallstadt. But the Luxembourgers won’t let him. In the tiny state, the former national handball player and current coach is under contract as technical director of the national association, and now they want him back. “It’s a shame, it was a lot of fun working with these guys,” says Handschke. But he was only on loan, his employer had released him for the mission of staying up for the second division handball team TV Großwallstadt. The 55-year-old replaced the hapless Ralf Bader in mid-March and actually saved the traditional club from falling into the third division. That would have had bad consequences, as the former series champion and European Cup winner is aiming to return to the upper house in the medium term. It was tight, but only in the last game was the class secured thanks to the better goal difference. But of course you don’t just let someone like that go. Not even from Luxembourg.

come soon

Four pack: indoor sports: handball player Justin Kurch.

Handball player Justin Kurch.

(Foto: Oliver Gold/Imago)

The plan was as simple as it was promising: The Norwegian national player and pivot Petter Overby, who is leaving the first division handball team HC Erlangen for the cup winners THW Kiel, will be replaced by his Icelandic counterpart Sveinn Johannsson. An angular guy of a similar format, around two meters tall, weighing more than 100 kilograms, not quite as experienced and renowned as his Scandinavian colleague, who won two World Cup silver medals, but well on the way to such spheres – and at 23 seven years old younger. And then that: Failed the medical check, the knee! But there are good neighbors, so the second division club Coburg helped out, and now it’s coming Justin Kurch to Erlangen. You can guess it: almost two meters tall, weighs 110 kilograms and seven years younger than Overby. Although not as experienced as the predecessor, but decorated as a junior national player with EM bronze. And he has long since proven that he can get things done in Coburg in the first and second leagues.

Amiel joins in the conversation

Four-pack: Indoor sports: basketball coach Oren Amiel.

Basketball coach Oren Amiel.

(Photo: Daniel Löb/Imago)

It’s such a thing with a change of coach in the middle of the season. You have to deal with what you find, so to speak, the squad was put together by the predecessor. That is pray amiel but succeeded quite adequately. The Israeli replaced the Dutchman Johann Roijakkers as coach of the Bamberg basketball team at the end of November. Eighth place in the final classification is not what the former series champion had dreamed of, but the playoffs were reached. Amiel is also not to blame for the fact that it was the end of the quarterfinals against the later champions Berlin. As I said, was not his squad. He installed a new system, something like that takes time. Now Amiel can have a say, the squad is being completely rebuilt except for a handful of players. It is now clear that Bamberg wants to get back into international business and take part in qualifying for the Champions League. Roijakkers tried that and failed – the beginning of his end. Amiel should be warned.



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