Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners fight wildly

Ugly scenes in American Major League Baseball: The Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels fight a wild brawl on the field.

A throw on Jesse Winker’s body leads to a violent fight. – Twitter/@TalkinBaseball_

the essentials in brief

  • A throw to the batter’s body is considered bad form in baseball.
  • There were three of those between the Mariners and the Angels on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The third resulted in a wild mass brawl.

A wild brawl between the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners caused a stir in MLB on Sunday. It was triggered by a fastball from Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz that hit Mariners batsman Jesse Winker in the hip.

The 150 km/h throw in the second inning let the tensions of the previous day flare up again. There was excitement in Saturday’s game over a fastball aimed at Angels star Mike Trout’s head.

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Angels retaliated – first in the direction of Julio Rodriguez, then against Winker. He freaked out after the hit and initially took on the Angels bench.

As a result, both teams attacked each other and fought a minute-long brawl. The game was suspended for a total of 23 minutes. Six players and both coaches were sent off.

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