Logan Bailly returns to Belgium to become goalkeeper coach at Union

We knew the Union was looking for a goalkeeper coach since Laurent Deraedt went to Anderlecht with Felice Mazzù. This replacement had not yet been found as training resumed on Thursday June 23. Tuesday evening, in Rebecq, for the first friendly of the season, the goalkeepers had also warmed up without a specific coach. “I prefer that we take the time to find the right person, who will fit well in my staff”, explained Karel Geraerts, after his team’s victory.

According to our information, the Brussels club has found the one it was looking for. This is Logan Bailly. The former Red Devil, who ended his career a year ago after a last freelance at UR Namur, has been goalkeeper coach in Differdange, in Luxembourg D1, since then. Under contract still until June 2023, he accepted the offer of Yellow and Blue to return to Belgium. Here is Anthony Moris, Lucas Pirard, Joachim Imbrechts and Tibo Herbots now fixed on their new mentor. The information should be official shortly.



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