Liverpool Kecele, Raphinha Oath: Join Arsenal & Continue Thierry Henry’s Legacy!

There is Thierry Henry at the bottom of Raphinha’s heart, and it seems he wants to wear the Arsenal shirt more than join Liverpool.

Leeds United star Raphinha has been heavily linked with Liverpool, the club who have been keen to approach him this summer.

The Reds want Raphinha in anticipation of the departure of their superstar, Sadio Mane, who is rumored to be joining Bayern Munich.

However, it seems that Raphinha has his own ambitions rather than strengthening Liverpool. It is known, Raphinha greatly admired the figure of the great Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and he secretly harbored a desire to wear the uniform. The Gunners.

Like a tit for tat. Currently, Arsenal’s management is reportedly holding negotiations with Leeds to complete a transfer worth £50 million plus bonuses.

Raphinha once expressed her hope to strengthen Arsenal one day, as she really idolized the figure of Henry.

“I want to watch a Premier League game with my dad on a free channel. Henry flies, bro. Running, finishing, it’s just incredible,” Raphinha, amazed by Henry’s performance when actively playing.

“I also remember that stadium [markas Arsenal] always full. The singing, the screaming, the noise,” he added.

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“I can’t remember the details. However, I was probably sitting in a broken bar somewhere in Restinga when I made the vows,” he said.

What is that oath? Raphinha continued: “One day, I will play there [Arsenal].”



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