LIVE: Red Devils escape from behind after a rejected goal from Wales | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

The Red Devils take on “angstgegner” Wales tonight in Cardiff. After an embarrassment against the Netherlands, the statement came against Poland. The national team hopes to reconfirm against “old acquaintances” Wales. Follow the news from the Devil’s camp here.

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  1. first half, minute 32. Carrasco lets it go. Nice change from the Belgians. Tielemans launches Carrasco with an excellent deep pass. A great opportunity seems in the making, but Carrasco wringes their necks with a bad slap. It’s just a little too much for now. †
  2. first half, minute 29. No tantrum at Carrasco. Nice attack by the Belgians that eventually results in a high cross from De Bruyne. The ball falls at the far post at the feet of Carrasco, but he ends up slack in Hennessey’s hands from close by. †
  3. first half, minute 28. The Welshmen play fearlessly, supported by the home fans. Bale finds the detached Williams at the far post, but he needs too much time to control the ball. The biggest threat still comes from the home side. †
  4. first half, minute 27.
  5. first half, minute 24. Orange has to chase. Tonight it is also a matter of looking at the performance of the Netherlands at home against Poland with half an eye. Halfway through the first half, the Orange squad is 0-1 behind in de Kuip, after a goal by Cash. †
  6. first half, minute 19. James makes the Belgians sweat. James continues to make it difficult for the Belgian defense. Again he can continue on the left. He takes his chance from a sharp angle, but Casteels does not run into any problems. †
  7. first half, minute 17. No discussion about the disallowed 1-0. The VAR images are shown and clearly show how Rodon was offside, prior to Ampadu’s great goal. †
  8. first half, minute 15.
  9. first half, minute 14. Bale makes Belgians shiver. Once again the Devils are crawling through the eye of the needle! James can continue on the left and puts the ball through Boyata’s legs ready for the incoming Bale. He is aiming narrowly wide in one time from close by. †
  10. Hennessey first time at work. There’s the Devils’ first attempt. A shot by Batshuayi is still blocked. Tielemans has more success, but in turn collides with a great save from Hennessy. † first half, minute 9.
  11. first half, minute 8.
  12. Goal disallowed! The Belgians escape unscathed. There was a moment of protest, because Boyata was kicked in the phase, but in the end the goal was disallowed for offside. † first half, minute 7.
  13. first half, minute 5. Ampadu gives Wales the lead! Down for the Red Devils. Wales takes the lead after less than 5 minutes. The Belgians cannot get the ball away from the back after a corner and Ampadu hits the opening goal hard. Although there will be a VAR check. †
  14. first half, minute 3. James puts Boyata to the test for the first time with a quick infiltration in the box, but the Belgian defender passes the test with flying colours. Wales immediately tries to put pressure. †
  15. first half, minute 3.
  16. first half, minute 1. Kick-off. The Red Devils kick off the game. Will they continue against Poland or will they bite their teeth once more on Wales? †
  17. first half, minute 1 match started
  18. first half, 8 pm 41. Goosebumps moment. The Brabançonne resounds in the Cardiff City Stadium. The Belgian supporters who have traveled with them are not indifferent, but are no match for their Welsh friends when they sing the national anthem of Wales. The first goosebumps moment of the evening. †
  19. before, 8:37 p.m. It was important to give Alderweireld and Vertonghen some rest today. They should be able to play the last game. It’s a great opportunity for Boyata and Theate. Also for Dendoncker, to do as well as with his strong performance against Poland. Eden Hazard is ready to make minutes and then close the international match in Poland. Roberto Martinez.


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