LIVE: Batshuayi heads dominant Devils early in Poland ahead | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

  1. 16′ – Goal – Michy Batshuayi (0 – 1)
  1. 70 ‘- Verv. Sebastian Szymanski door Mateusz Klich
  2. 67′ – Cont. Eden Hazard by Leandro Trossard
  3. 67 ‘- Verv. Michy Batshuayi door Loïs Openda
  4. 62′ – Verv. Thorgan Hazard door Thomas Foket
  5. 58 ‘- Verv. Nicola Zalewski door Przemyslaw Frankowski
  6. 57 ‘- Verv. Piotr Zielinski by Karol Swiderski
  7. 47 ‘- Geel – Szymon Zurkowski

A win, a defeat and a draw. With that balance, the Red Devils will face Poland tonight in the National Stadium in Warsaw, their fourth match in the Nations League. Follow the match closely here from 8.45 pm or listen to Radio 1.

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  1. second half, minute 74.
  2. second half, minute 73. Poland gets a free kick on the crescent after Alderweireld’s hand. This is a job for Lewandowski. †
  3. second half, minute 72. The Belgians are losing their grip on the match a bit, but hope is growing with the Poles. Can the Devils avoid another Wales scenario? †
  4. second half, minute 70. Substitution for Poland, Mateusz Klich in, Sebastian Szymanski out
  5. second half, minute 69. Poland does not play well. It still remains to watch out for the few counters from Poland. The home team did not play well on a promising switch on two occasions. Lewandowski is concerned about the bad way of playing. †
  6. second half, minute 68. Strong rush by Vertonghen. Vertonghen suddenly unpacks with a surprising rush from midfield. He even cuts into the box, but his shot is cracked. With Poland they can clear the ball. †
  7. second half, minute 68.
  8. second half, minute 67. Double substitution. After Thorgan, Eden Hazard must now also leave. The match is also over for goalscorer Batshuayi. Trossard and Openda are their replacements. †
  9. second half, minute 67. Substitution at Belgium, Leandro Trossard in, Eden Hazard out
  10. second half, minute 67. Substitution at Belgium, Loïs Openda in, Michy Batshuayi out
  11. second half, minute 65. Mertens not selfish enough. Alderweireld unpacks with a long ball to Mertens. He is not selfish and lays the ball for Batshuayi, but Szczesny is in between. Moreover, the flag is flagged for offside, Mertens should have gone for his own success. †
  12. second half, minute 62.
  13. second half, minute 62. Substitution at Belgium, Thomas Foket in, Thorgan Hazard out
  14. second half, minute 62. Foket gets the first minutes of play. Foket, who played less than a minute during this international break, still gets his chance. For Thorgan Hazard, the game is over. †
  15. second half, minute 58. Substitution for Poland, Przemyslaw Frankowski in, Nicola Zalewski out
  16. second half, minute 57. Substitution for Poland, Karol Swiderski in, Piotr Zielinski out
  17. second half, minute 57. Double substitution. Double substitution at Poland where Zielinski and Zalewski are taken aside. It’s up to Swiderski and Frankowski to get the Polish engine going. †
  18. second half, minute 55. Szymanski throws the free kick in the box, but Vertonghen is on the backs and heads the ball into a corner. It then yields nothing for the home team. †
  19. second half, minute 54. Zurkowski is knocked down at the corner of the sixteen by Vanaken. It gives the Poles a free kick in an interesting place. †
  20. second half, minute 52. Nice bang from Hazard. Thorgan Hazard once again unpacks with a dangerous crossed shot, after a corner for the Belgians. From the edge of the box he aims narrowly wide. †


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