LIJI 2022 ups the ante with the fourth date this Sunday at Kempes

This Sunday the 26th, the little judokas will take another step forward in their training, during the dispute of the fourth date of the CHILDREN’S JUDO LEAGUE (LIJI) 2022, directed by coach Nicolás Cruces.

The call will once again be in the North Gymnasium of the Kempes Stadium.

At the Advanced level, Children A and B, and Promo, must present themselves at 11.30. Microbios and Pre Promo will start at 1:30 p.m., and Promo from 3:30 p.m.

In Infantiles A Beginners (2010-2011), the podium of the category keeps Serovich at the top with 23 points, escorted by Benjamín Capra Mealla (STO) and Máximo Nieto (SFE) with 14.

In Advanced Promo (2012-2013), the leader is still Ciro Balsells with 80 points, Jeshua Galeassi with 70, and Santino Paredes (MDO) and María Victoria Molina, with 50.

In Advanced Children (2011-2008), Álvaro Oliva dominates with 90 points, followed by Emiliano Maidana (KEM) with 75, and Lautaro Cruces (CCON) and Juana Maidana (CCON), both with 60 and two appearances.

Finally Microbios (2016-2018) has three judokas with perfect presence: Lisandro Cabrera (CCON), Gino Galeassi (INC) and Francisco Tito Vocos (MDO), all with 30 points in three dates.



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