Ligue 1: Zidane: “PSG? Never say never… As a coach, there are only two or three possibilities”

Zinedine Zidane turns 50. The French, protagonist in a report by L’Equipe for this reason, he jumps onto the field and also sits on the bench. To remember his glorious time as a footballer and also the legend he forged at Real Madrid as a player and then a coach.

Zizou is sincere and makes it clear that his priority is to lead the French national team one day, with which he wants to close a circle. But she doesn’t rule anything out. “Coach PSG? Never say never“Says the technician, who continues to think as what he is.

Train PSG

“Never say never. Especially when you are a manager today. When I was a player I could choose and go to almost every club. As a manager, there are not fifty clubs I can go to. There are two or three possibilities. If I go back to a club it is to win. I say that in all modesty. That’s why I can’t go anywhere.”

If I go back to a club it’s to win. I say this in all modesty. That’s why I can’t go anywhere

“Do you want to go to Manchester? I understand English, but I’m not completely fluent in it. I know that there are coaches who go to clubs without speaking the language, but I work in a different way. Many elements come into play to win, it’s a global context. I know what I need to win.”

The cry of the people to Zidane on his return to Marseille: “Don’t go to PSG!”

The future

“I still want to continue training. And then why not be in a project where I’m the leader myself?”

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The selection

“Of course I want to. I hope to be one day. When?

I hope to be a coach one day, I want to close the circle, I’m not done with France

The three Champions in a row

“Winning the Champions League is never luck. It’s hard work, and even more so if you win it three times in a row. I worked like crazy. My players believed in me and I believed in them. When I win, I’m not surprised because I gave it my all”.

the best ending

“The one we beat Juventus was the most complete game. Also, it was Juve, with whom I had never won a Champions League as a player.”

The talks at halftime in the finals

“When you go back to the dressing room, you leave the players alone. They need to recover. Talking for fifteen minutes doesn’t help. The messages don’t get through or don’t get through well.”

The 2017 double with Madrid

“It’s fantastic to win the Champions League, but the hardest and most beautiful thing after a whole season is to win the League. The Champions League is prestigious, many prefer to win it, but the difficulty of La Liga… It rewards every day, every game , every training session. Winning both titles that year was huge.”

Winning the Champions League is hard work, and even more so if you win it three times in a row. I worked like crazy

treat the stars

“Having experienced what they are experiencing helps, but above all, you shouldn’t want to be more than them. You shouldn’t piss them off. I have no ego in that. I’ve lived through situations with many coaches or players who wanted to be more than others.”

Zidane and Madrid, today

“I go to the Bernabéu whenever I can, I have a box. My children and friends also enjoy it. I was at the Stade de France watching the final against Liverpool”.

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“Karim is like the little brother I never had. We send each other messages. I’m not surprised by what he’s doing. I knew he was capable of that, he’s always been very good at Madrid. He’s simply exceptional. If he wins the Ball this year Gold? Not only do I say it, the whole world says it”.

Win the Ballon d’Or

“When I won it in 1998 at the age of 26 after winning the World Cup I was the best player in the world and it’s beautiful. Anyway, after the World Cup I’m catastrophic. Even my friends told me that it was my cousin who had come back to Juventus. When you win a World Cup, you tend to relax and I really did. And coming back is hard, it costs. 1998 was my year that I think my best season was 1999/2000, not only for me, for the French team.” .

Sign for Madrid

“I had just turned 29, but that was missing: Real Madrid. I needed it to boost my career, I needed that new challenge. I had it in my head and so did Florentino”.


“We were at a big table in Monaco at a gala dinner and he handed me a message saying ‘Do you want to come?’ And I said ‘Yes’ on a paper napkin. I still wonder why he I replied in English.

5 in Madrid, a very special number

“In Madrid, Florentino tells me that the only one that is free is number 5 and I reply that there is no problem. That number gave me a lot. Then, I spent five years at Juve, five at Real. There are incredible things with that number in my life. I participated in five Champions won by Madrid. When I go to a hotel, if I’m on the fifth floor, I win. There are special things”.

The goal of the Ninth

“The most beautiful, I don’t know, although it could be. One of the most important, yes. I needed to win my first Champions League and be decisive with Madrid in a big final. Part of a cross from Roberto Carlos that was bad but when I arrived, it becomes magnificent. Then my gesture happens once in a lifetime. I tried to repeat it in some commercials, but it never worked out. I never did it like that.”

Zinedine Zidane: Leverkusen-Real Madrid (01-02)

His retirement and the 2006 World Cup

“I was injured against Spain scoring the goal. I had a lump in my thigh and hardly anyone knew about it. I do medical tests and they tell me that I don’t play against Brazil… And I tell them that in no way… The doctors did everything I did my best and I played. Every match could be my last and I wanted to enjoy every second of it.”

The header to Materazzi: the final and the end

“It wasn’t our best game, especially mine, but well, that’s how it is. What happened happened. That day, my mother was very tired. She talked to my sister on the phone several times a day. I knew that my mother was not well, but it wasn’t very serious either, but I was worried. Materazzi said that he didn’t talk about my mother, and it’s true. But he insulted my sister, who was with my mother at the time… Other times they insult you and nothing happens, but that day he was more fragile and what happened happened. He had to accept it, I’m not proud, but it’s part of my journey, this is my career, the story of my life. That’s why I say that the France team is not finished. Somehow, I don’t want to end like this. It’s not over.”

Materazzi confesses what he said to Zidane to unleash the header

His life at 50 years old

“Life goes on. I’m still a big kid in my head. I want to enjoy everything and I love my life. I’m an outlier, I do what I feel like when I feel like it. If you listen too much, if you’re told too much around you, you’re thinking And there’s a chance you’ll screw it up. I do everything from the heart and it goes well.”

“My well-being is very important to me and I take care of myself. I like to go for a walk and play paddle tennis regularly. Everything is part of my life. My wife is the same, we live things in the same way…”



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