“Lightning” and “Avalanche” hockey players make their fists in the NHL final – Hockey –

Just over two minutes before the end of the match, the “Lightning” striker fisted Ross Koltons and “Avalanche” hockey player Logans O’Konors.

The two hockey players exchanged several accurate and strong blows, then landed on the ice. This time, however, there was no winner and the fight ended in a draw, serving only as entertainment for the spectators.

After the first success of Tampabeja in the final series, it is clear that there will be no sharpness in the next games and the fights will be even more interesting. The next match is scheduled for Thursday night, when the two teams will meet again in Tampa Bay. Game starts at 3:00 Latvian time.

Live coverage of all NHL games is available on the Viaplay platform.

Stanley Cup Final

A couple Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 Game 7 Series
Avalanche – Lightning 4:3 P 7:0 2:6 23.06. 25.06. 27.06.* 29.06.* 2-1

* – if necessary



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