Letters to the editorial office: BxC, Baseball for the Blind, is also being born under Etna

We receive and publish a note from Orazio Giancuzzo on Baseball for the blind, a novelty also for Catania


A new era has begun for us. Yes, the blind can play and have fun by practicing a wonderful sport, which is called “Baseball”. a bit modified yes, but it’s still baseball. Born in Bologna, from an invention of the great champion Alfredo Meli, who together with some friends, wanted to try to modify and adapt this sport for us.

Baseball for the blind was born in Italy, to the amazement of the Americans, true inventors of this sport. We practice it in perfect autonomy, free to run under the Italian sky, caressed only by the rays of the sun and the breath of the wind.

You must know, you who criticize us so much and tell us about all colors, that the blind are not: “neither stupid, nor morons and poor mean ones”. Remove this prejudice against us, because you are mistaking the subject, predicate and complement.

Baseball for the Blind differs from regular baseball only in a few differences. In the field, we have beeps set on the bases, mainly in first. When the blind runs to get to second or third base, there are sighted spectators, who with their beating of the paddles and with the sweet lending of their eyes, tell us where to get and where to go. Using hollow balls and with rattles inside, we also know how to play and have fun, like everyone else.

Here in Sicily, in fact, this wonderful sport was not yet practiced for us, but our UIC Regional Councilor dr. Ismaele Ragusa, knowing Federal Councilor Dr. Barbara Menoni, managed to get BXC baseball for the blind to this point.

Two “Open days” have already taken place, in the cities of Messina and Catania, enjoying great success. The federal technicians, who came from all over Italy, saw and appreciated how the blind Sicilians, giving their all, they too can be in perfect harmony with their friends from northern and central Italy.

The BXC championship is already taking place, with 12 teams, 4 from Lombardy, 2 from the city of Cagliari, 2 from the city of Florence, one from Rome, one from Bologna, one from Friuli, one from the city of Perugia and there will also be the Rovigo.

We hope that we too, next year, can be part of the wonderful BXC championship, having fun together with all our friends, sharing experiences, joy and friendship. It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses. Baseball must be a sport of fun and entertainment and not a violent sport.

Unfortunately, many families no longer enter the stadiums, because there are troublemakers, who do everything to trigger violence. In our sport, on the other hand, we are together and embrace each other between winners and losers.

At the foot of Etna, together with friends from Syracuse, a BXC team is being born who is preparing very well, under the direction of Mr. Michele Consiglio. In fact, we are the Cus Catania BXC affiliated to the mythical and wonderful girls of the Cus Catania Softball and a great family was born. They lend us their eyes and we do everything we can to prepare for our debut in the league, if we succeed.

This sport requires hard training, sacrifice and endurance of everything including the heat, always with the necessary protection.

Messina is already preparing his debut in the championship, we too, but I hope that at the next open day, join us the friends of Palermo, to bring the old derbies back to the times of Sicilian football. Who has children, grandchildren or friends like us, do not be afraid, the possibilities are there and the means of transport too.

Many young people had this type of problem, they didn’t take a step without a chaperone and instead they were wrong. Since they understood and discovered B. x C., they take the bus or radio taxi and go to training alone.

Friends, we must not depend on anyone, we can do it alone. All it takes is good will and commitment. If our civil service boys can’t help us, what do we do? Are you locked up at home? No, absolutely no! We get out of our darkness and dependence on others. We are blind, true! But we have a strength that comes to us from God !!!

Orazio Giancuzzo

(Cover photo, the AIBXC Open day organized in collaboration with FIBS and CUS Catania on the 4th November field)

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