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The national seminar of Legitimate Safe Defense kicks off today, the project that deals with the legal, physical and psychological security of the weakest subjects, in particular women, providing various types of assistance thanks to the involvement, in 18 Italian regions, of professionals such as lawyers, psychologists, doctors, martial arts teachers. In Senigallia, where the project started, until Sunday there will be talk of self-defense and the fight against violence against women. In particular, tonight, at 8.45 pm in Palazzetto Baviera, there will be a conference on “The protection of women and vulnerable victims in multicultural society. A controversial topic: the issue of culturally oriented crimes” with a large group of speakers: the deputy prosecutor will intervene of the Ancona Court Serena Bizzarri, the national coordinator of the Legitimate Safe Defense Roberto Paradisi and his deputy Matteo Giambartolomei, both lawyers, the psychologist Barbara Montisci, juvenile judge of the Court of Perugia. Attended by Dario Perticaroli, president of the union of the Terre della Marca Senone municipalities, the councilor for social services of Senigallia Cinzia Petetta and the manager of the same office of the Terre della Marca Senone Maurizio Mandolini.

There will also be greetings from the testimonials of Difesa Legittima Sicura, the Olympic medals Giulia Quintavalle, Lucia Morico and Rosalba Forciniti and Elena Moretti, all successful athletes in judo. However, the seminar will also include martial arts and self-defense internships (the event had the patronage of the Italian Federation of Judo-Wrestling-Karate-Martial Arts), judicial interventions with updates on recent jurisprudence and psychological insights on the defensive reaction: meeting at 4.45pm today at the Cogesco Heliotherapy Center, on the Da Vinci seafront 5.

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