Legendary Kleiza: Latvians think they have NBA stars and they are the leading national team in the Baltics, but the “dream team” is us

Lins Kleiza | Photo: LRT

Lithuanian basketball legend Lins Kleiza in the program “Sports Studio” quite openly compared Latvian and Lithuanian baseball, sticking to the fact that Lithuanians are still Baltic basketball players. kings, highlighting history and achievements internationally.

“Lithuania believes that we dominate Baltic basketball,” said Kleiza. “We own this title thanks to the history and achievements of our team. We always feel like the Baltic “dream team” and that makes Latvians angry. Of course, the new generation has arrived and we have been struggling to win medals for the last six to seven years, but we feel so distressed as the leading national team in the Baltics. ”

“Now you Latvians have superstars in the NBA and so you probably think now is your time to win, but you haven’t been able to do it so far, so Lithuania thinks we are a basketball country,” Kleiza said openly. .

On June 22, the principal test match between Latvia and Lithuania will take place at Arena Riga. The event is called “Basketball Green Ball”, which will be dedicated to the legendary Jānis Blūms. More information HERE.



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