Lee Yong-dae and Ha Tae-kwon foreshadow a match → Hell’s 2-court special training (National University is National University)

(Export News Correspondent Lee Chang-gyu) MBN ‘National University is National University’ Yongdae Lee conducts ‘2 courts’ training in hell for a confrontation with badminton legend Ha Tae-kwon, exuding unusual poison.

In the 16th episode of MBN’s ‘National University is National’, which will be aired on the 25th, Ha Tae-kwon, the men’s doubles gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics and the best badminton in the 1990s, who was inducted into the World Badminton ‘Hall of Fame’, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics mixed doubles gold medalist. The historic confrontation between Lee Yong-dae, the ‘best star of badminton in Korea,’ who holds the record of winning the tournament 77 times, will be broadcast. For the first time in the history of ‘Gukguk University’, it is a game in which active players directly summon legends.

Above all, the two strongest doubles players predict that they will play a ‘singles’ match for a 1:1 match, raising questions about the final match they will unfold. In this process, for the first singles game in 15 years, Lee Yong-dae catches the eye by conducting ‘two-court training’, a training method from his high school days. Lee Yong-dae, who runs around two courts and freely performs karate, is astonished by the ‘poisonous’ of Lee Yong-dae, who said, “You train like this?”

Moreover, following the ‘two-court training’, Lee Yongdae continues to conduct extreme training called the ‘final secret weapon’, leading everyone to a world of shock. Following the training to hit the ball that is difficult to predict, Jeon Hyun-moo claps the seals and smiles at the appearance of various ‘devices’ that gradually increase in difficulty. In the end, Hong Hyun-hee is immersed in ‘Finding a Shuttlecock’ in the VCR, saying, “I can’t see any shuttlecocks!” The attention is focused on whether Lee Yong-dae’s extreme training, which showed ‘beautiful concentration’ throughout the training, will shine in the match against Ha Tae-kwon.

The production team said, “For the quick adaptation from doubles to singles, Lee Yong-dae continued training until he was perfect, and quickly raised his senses, demonstrating his skills comparable to his heyday.” During this time, he practiced without a day off and showed off his skillful game management skills like a ‘legend’. Please look forward to what kind of ‘Jin Ki Myung Ki’ will surprise the world once again between the two people who faced each other in this confrontation.”

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Meanwhile, MBN’s ‘National University is a National Team’ is a reality entertainment that summons a sports ‘legend’ that has become a legend and has disappeared from the arena, and competes against an active national sports player. Hyeon Jeong-hwa – Lee Man-gi – Nam Hyeon-hee – Park Jong-pal – Shim Kwon-ho – Moon Dae-seong – Lee Won-hee’s comeback battles were completed in succession, and the legend’s valuable ‘three victories’ were achieved.

The 16th episode of ‘National University is National University’, in which Ha Tae-kwon and Lee Yong-dae take off the veil of ‘Badminton Superstar’, will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 25th.

photo = MBN

Reporter Chang-gyu Lee



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