LeBron James titled at the expense of Michael Jordan!

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Opposed in many all-time debates, LeBron James and Michael Jordan have never had the opportunity to settle their accounts on the floor. On the other hand, the King has recently taken over his great historical rival… far from basketball!

The years go by, and the end of the King’s career is approaching, the fans still cannot find common ground. After a glorious career in the league and close to completion, LeBron James is regularly confronted with Michael Jordan in NBA community discussions. Lately, however, it was in a completely different area that he faced the legend of the Bulls.

LeBron James dominates Michael Jordan… thanks to his tequila

A few weeks ago, LBJ and MJ again saw their names put in opposition, but this time within the framework of a competition of the most formal. Both at the head of a brand of tequila, the two icons were among the finalists in a global spirits tournament. The results, reported by Boardroomhave just fallen, and were favorable… to the leader of the Lakers!

James’ Lobos 1707 tequila has been named Best “Reposado” Tequila at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the company announced on Monday. It beat more than 100 other “reposado” tequila brands, including Michael Jordan’s Cincoro, which was accepted as a finalist last month.

A news that obviously made LeBron happy, one of the last Instagram stories relaying this consecration:

The fact that James shares this specific post, announcing his victory under Jordan’s nose and beard, should not fail to react on the web. Internet users, they had not waited for this to bring their face-to-face on the table. Whether they are fans of one or the other, all have found a way to attack the opposing camp! The GOAT debate is over 🐐

@mr_bleedgreen: The only way he found to beat Mike

@ace_trey_pointview: Another defeat for Sir Airness 😆😆😆

@chooseyourownadventure: He finally managed to beat MJ in one area 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@ishxn20: Jordan will take it personally 💀

Even when it comes to tequila, LeBron James and Michael Jordan find a way to clash indirectly. However, it would seem that it is the King that outclasses His Airness in this sector!



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