“Learn each other, sports club” SG LIFE SPORTS CLUB has started! Now you can use the free admission campaign from 2,200 yen a month. | Press release of Seventh Generation Project Co., Ltd.

SEVENTH GENERATION PROJECT Co., Ltd., which manages sports teams and plans and manages sports schools at the indoor / outdoor basketball court “SG-Park” in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture: Maki Takashi) will start full-scale operation of the new sports club business “SG LIFE SPORTS CULB”, which has been on a trial basis since April 2022. In addition, we will start a campaign where the admission fee (3,300 yen) will be free for a limited time.

■ Overview of SG life SPORTS CLUB

With the slogan “Hello, Sports!”, It is a sports club designed so that people in the area who cannot easily exercise or can not continue can easily exercise and play sports.
For 2,200 yen per month (for one year), you can participate in up to 10 courses per month from programs such as circuit training, Pilates, dance, health exercises, walking, and basketball classes.

■ Features of SG life SPORTS CLUB
1. Referral plan that can be continued because everyone is there

If you join with your family and friends, 100 yen per person will be discounted from the monthly fee.
If you register for the 1-year continuation plan with 5 people, it will be 1,760 yen per person, and you can participate for 176 yen per program.

2. Fee system that even beginners can easily try

■ Monthly fee (10 programs per month can be participated)
・ 2,200 yen (for 1 year continuation)
・ 3,300 yen (when continuing for 6 months)
・ 4,400 yen (in the case of a single month)

■ Admission fee
3,300 yen
■ Annual membership fee (insurance premium)
2,000 yen
■ Administrative fees
3,300 yen
* All prices include tax

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3. Various program structure that anyone can participate in

You can participate in your favorite 10 programs every month from a variety of programs such as circuit training, Pilates, dance, health exercises, walking, basketball classes, etc., each from 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you don’t have a program you want to attend, you can create a new program with your fellow members.

■ About future development
・ A coworking space adjacent to the facility is scheduled to open in July 2022.

We aim to be a facility where you can feel more sports as a part of your life, such as participating in the program between remote work and enjoying meals at the restaurant.
・ Planning activities outside SG-Park

We plan to introduce various activity programs for each season, such as lake activities on Lake Biwa, hiking, and day camps.

■ Outline of free admission campaign

If you apply by July 31, 2022, the admission fee of 3,300 yen will be free. Please take this opportunity to try it. Please see the website for how to apply.

Please refer to the note for frequently asked questions and detailed explanations.

■ Outline of Seventh Generation Project

Established on December 21, 2018 (Basketball Day).

To create a “good seller, good buyer, good world” society with roots in Omi merchants in Shiga, centered on attractive “urban sports” that can be enjoyed casually and in earnest in the city. We are doing activities.

Co-club owner of “NINJA AIRS.EXE”, a professional league team of three-player basketball based in Shiga prefecture. A basketball school “SG-Academy” that cultivates “life skills” will be launched in Otsu City from May 2019.

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“Seventh Generation” in the company name is derived from the Native American Iroquois teaching that “decision-making should be considered up to seven generations ahead.” As the “SDGs” have become a global topic these days, the crisis over sustainable societies is becoming more serious, but only some sensitive groups are interested, especially in Japan. In response to the current situation, we will work on businesses such as education, food, and town development centered on basketball so that many people can participate through entertainment.

【Establishment】 2018
[Representative]Representative Director Takashi Maki, Keita Yamamoto Director Masataka Fukao
[Business description]Operation of urban sports teams, planning and operation of sports schools Operation of sports facilities and restaurants “SG-Park”
[Headquarters location]3-27-1 Hiyoshidai, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture




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