Lautaro Midón extended his stay on the lawn of J1 Nottingham

Bruno Ariel Giménez

Lautaro Midón (18 years old) extended his stay on the English pitch. The young tennis player from Corrientes, currently ranked No. 14 in the ITF Junior ranking and third seeded in this competition, advanced yesterday to the quarterfinals of the J1 Nottingham, on British soil. In the round of 16 he defeated Australian Edward Winter (17 years old, 88th) 7-6 (4) and 6-4.

For a place in the semifinals, today the Canadian Jaden Weekes (17 years old, 27th) will be measured, who yesterday beat the American Kaylan Bigun (16 years old, 88th) by 7-6 (4) and 6-3.

In this way, the Junior No. 1 in the country and fourth South American tennis player in the international ranking reaches the quarterfinals of a competition for the sixth consecutive time, in this category, not counting Roland Garros, his second Grand Slam, where he lost in the first round. Midón got into the top eight in the J1 of Porto Alegre and JA of Criciuma (Brazil), JB1 of Lima (Peru), J1 of Santa Croce and JA of Milan (Italy).

In these last three contests he reached the final and was consecrated in two of them (Lima and Santa Crocce).

Jaden Weekes, like the Argentine, also lost in the first round of Roland Garros, prior to his presentation in Nottingham.

However, it also has a title in Italy. He established himself in the J2 of Prato, defeating New Zealander Jack Loutit in the final, Midón’s rival in the second round of the current English competition. Midón and Weekes will be the first time they meet on the international circuit.

shared joy

After three consecutive defeats, the Argentine couple made up of Lautaro Midón from Corrientes and Juan Manuel La Serna from Catamarca met again yesterday with victory. For the second round of the Nottingham J1 they beat Roy Keegan (Great Britain) and Etienne Marty (France), 6-3, 6-2.

Today, for a place in the semifinals, the penultimate contest before Wimbledon, the fourth seeded duo of the competition will face Alejandro Bancalari from Chile and Jelani Sarr from the United States.

The last victory of the Argentines had been registered in the semi-final of Santa Crocce (Italy). Then came falls in the final of the Italian tournament, the first round of the J1 in Milan and at the start of Roland Garros.

Comesaña advances

The Buenos Aires Challenger that takes place at the Argentine Tennis Club has its first Argentine qualified for the quarterfinals: Francisco Comesaña, who became champion in Corrientes last weekend.

At the beginning of the fourth day of the contest organized by the Argentine Tennis Association, the 21-year-old from Mar del Plata became the first to get into the top 8, by beating Juan Bautista Otegui in the second round on the Enrique Morea court.

“I feel very good. Game after game I’ve been feeling better on the field, and physically I’ve been doing quite well after many games. We worked hard to make this happen”, she commented after sealing her victory 7-5 and 6-2.

Comesaña, who extended his winning streak to seven, currently occupies the 239th position in the ATP ranking and one of his main goals is to get closer to qualifying for the US Open: “I know I’m climbing quite a bit, and depending on the ranking, the calendar changes. . Our idea is to enter the US Open, I think I’m in but I have to defend some points and win some matches”.

The second seed, the 24-year-old Brazilian Felipe Meligeni Alves, also got into the top eight by smoothly beating local Matías Descotte 6-3, 6-2. Thus, the 214th in the world reached the quarterfinals of an ATP Challenger Tour tournament for the fourth time this year, and on Friday he will seek his second semifinal in 2022.

The other two who advanced to the third round of the contest were the Brazilian Joao Reis Da Silva, who beat the Ecuadorian Roberto Quiroz —seeded fifth—, and the Peruvian Arklon Huertas del Pino, who defeated his brother Conner in a disputed match of almost two and a half hours of play.



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