Latin music and a roundabout for the Community

Isabel Díaz Ayuso landed in Miami on Friday determined, as always, to give all the cultural battles. The official trip, which lasted until Tuesday, was designed to attract foreign investment and strengthen ties with the United States, but the Madrid president has not missed the opportunity to vindicate Hispanic heritage, criticize communism and propose a new world order. All this, while meeting with representatives of Universal and Sony to turn Madrid into the capital of Latin music, visiting a roundabout dedicated to the region, going to a baseball game or being loved by hoteliers and businessmen, some of them already linked to Spain.

Primary Care emergencies closed by Ayuso

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“The day that we liberal democracies organize ourselves seriously in all aspects, and not only in business, around Hispanic heritage, we will offer the world a new power that will once again be wealth and a counterweight in the world order,” he told 7,000 kilometers from Puerta del Sol before the only microphones of OkDiario, Telemadrid and the Efe agency.

A week after the absolute victory of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla in the Andalusian elections, which has faced its results with the Madrid president’s way of doing politics, Ayuso has been absent from the country for five days, on a trip that the opposition has criticized . On the one hand, because it coincides with the closure of primary care emergency services and the collapse of hospitals. On the other, due to doubts about the profitability of the visit for investments in the Community.

The same day that Pedro Sánchez shared a press conference with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, and met with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the President of Madrid returned to Spain after a trip to attract investors, but in which He has not spared his usual criticism of the Government of Spain. “We don’t like communism in Madrid and we don’t like the totalitarian trend that we are seeing, where institutions are increasingly suffocating,” she said during a lunch with hotel representatives.

“We will be loyal to the Government, the only thing missing,” opposed Ayuso, who has paid from the United States for the PP’s attempt to sow doubts about the counting of votes in the Spanish elections. If this Monday the institutional deputy secretary of the party, Esteban González Pons, had stated that “the CIS does the electoral surveys, the INE the census and Indra counts the votes” and that they trust “in the professionals of these institutions, but not in the will de Sánchez”, the leader of the popular Madrid had already advanced on Sunday that “what is in question” are those same institutions and “everything that reminds the State where it has its limits, those counterweights that we have given ourselves in democracy ”.

Ayuso traveled to Miami on Friday night, a few hours after learning that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office was shelving the investigation into the contracts from which his brother benefited and for which up to one million euros were paid for masks that cost him 500,000. Although she did not make statements to the press after her appearance in the Madrid Assembly for the appointment of Enrique Ossorio as vice president, the regional president did star in a tour radio, shortly before traveling to the United States. He spoke on esRadio, Cadena Cope and Onda Cero Radio, where he accused Pablo Casado’s former management of carrying out a “destructive and Manichaean policy” and the left that “they will never stop until they expel from political life adversaries, as is the case in Nicaragua and Cuba.”

With this speech, Ayuso landed in the United States, where on the first day of his trip he met with the president of Universal Music for Latin America and Spain, the Galician Jesús López. To him, he offered the creation of a “hub music” in the Community to “facilitate artistic development and new values” and shared the importance of studying “what kind of people go to Madrid, what style of music they are looking for and program the cultural offer based on these data”. An offer that, for the moment, has not translated into anything concrete. In fact, the multinational is already present in the Community, through Universal Music Spain.

That same day, at night, the president participated in a dinner with businessmen from the Spain-United States Chamber of Commerce, who had paid between 100 and 150 euros per guest, where she was received by the vice president of the organization. There he insisted on establishing parallels between the two regions, in a speech that he has repeated over the following days: “The free way of looking at life has turned Miami and Madrid into the second home of millions of people fleeing discouragement, unemployment, of communism and other dictatorial regimes that always bring the same results”.

On Saturday, Ayuso participated in a breakfast with American investors from Florida and, afterwards, was honored by a group of Spanish hoteliers based in the city at the Crazy about you restaurant. The president took advantage of this day to congratulate herself for the absence of her own taxes in the region, for having the lowest personal income tax in Spain and not having income from Patrimony or Inheritance, while boasting of managing “a great public health system with universal coverage and public hospitals They are among the best in the world.”

“We suspect that he does not bring anything under his arm”

This affirmation came the same week in which its Ministry of Health had announced the definitive closure of twenty Primary Care Emergency Services and the hospitals in the region are saturated. “From Miami (Ayuso) he is going to fix the problem of the collapse of hospitals that we are suffering very badly,” the socialist spokesman in the Assembly, Juan Lobato, has disfigured, considering that “closing the emergency room and going to Miami so that it is forgotten the people of what they are doing are not the most responsible”. “What you should be thinking about is the tranquility, security and quality of life of Madrid families,” he assured.

“At a time when we once again have absolutely collapsed emergencies, when we Madrilenians are worried about the economic and social crisis, Mrs. Ayuso is going 7,000 kilometers to be interviewed by Okdiario and Telemadrid and what we suspect is that she does not bring absolutely nothing under the arm ”, has agreed the leader of the opposition, Mónica García. More Madrid has registered a battery of questions to find out what are the “supposed investments” that the president has achieved. “Just today she was already commenting that she had an agreement for which, of course, we are going to ask for all the explanations”, she has indicated.

The Community announced this Tuesday that it is “finalizing” an economic and cultural agreement with Miami Dade County. A document that, for the moment, is nothing more than a “declaration of intent to be signed later,” they indicate. Ayuso has indeed signed a twinning agreement between the two areas with the mayor Daniella Levine, who handed her the keys to the county and was “proud” of the ties with Spain and its capital. In fact, the only concrete commitments that the president has made on her trip to the United States are more symbolic than economic. The other is a roundabout that will bear the name of the Community of Madrid, where a sculpture by the Spanish artist Eladio de Mora dEmo will be installed: a large red bear with the white stars of the regional flag.

For the president, the balance “could not be more positive.” “What we have done has been, above all, to publicize the Hispanic Heritage Festival, which has been very well received and will be held in Madrid between October 4 and 12,” she pointed out. In addition, on her return she has indicated that “more than twenty” investors are interested “in going to Madrid to take their projects” and she has assured that she has conducted interviews with CNN, the Miami Herald, Mega TV and Albavisión .

On Sunday, the president learned about the work of the Marlins Foundation and attended a Miami Marlins baseball game against the New York Mets, for South Florida Black Legacy Tribute Day, a tribute to the black citizens of the south of the state. The association uses sport to promote healthy social, educational and eating habits among young people. Ayuso already acknowledged from Madrid, before traveling to the US, that her government is “very concerned” about the problems of “obesity, hypertension, diabetes or smoking” among minors. Some statements that came after the president attacked the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, for promoting healthy eating among the little ones.

What Ayuso has announced during this trip is a project to accelerate cultural companies and an investment fund for the sector. During a meeting organized by Invest in Madrid, the regional office to attract foreign investors, with businessmen from the US Latin Chamber of Commerce (Camecol), in which its president, Joe Chi, was present, the president explained that the Government is “preparing a tender to which private entities of recognized solvency and experience may choose so that the best performs the functions of cultural accelerator of the Community of Madrid”, in which it will be a new concession to the private sector of the Madrid Executive.

As will the investment fund, “which does not exist at the regional or national level, and in which public-private collaboration will once again be essential”, he stressed. The regional government will allocate four million euros for this purpose in the coming years. “For us, the audiovisual is not only a very important economic engine at the national level. It is also a vehicle for the transmission of knowledge, culture and values ​​that we must promote, as we have always done, through public-private collaboration and attracting the most important players in the sector to Madrid”, he insisted.

“He is promoting economic agreements”

For his part, the spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Madrid Assembly, Pedro Muñoz Abrines, has criticized “the reaction of the opposition parliamentary groups”, opposed to the president’s trip. “She is promoting economic and cultural agreements that can be very important for our region”, which can be “a connecting point for America with Europe”, he predicted. “From the other trip to the US, apart from the pantomime and the propaganda of the trip, we men and women from Madrid did not receive anything either and by the way, it is the second time that the president is going to the US and we have not yet seen her in any center of health ”, Mónica García had made ugly.

He did so remembering Ayuso’s visit to New York in September of last year. On that occasion, the president again made a flag for Hispanidad, attacked indigenism and came to openly criticize Pope Francis, for apologizing on behalf of the Vatican for the “sins” of the Catholic Church during the colonization of America.

The delegation from Madrid has ended its visit to Miami with a meeting with the president of Sony Music US Latin, Alex Gallardo, in which he conveyed to him the regional government’s effort to turn the Community into the epicenter of Latin music in Europe and that Madrid is the capital of music in Spanish.



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