La Gloria lost the first game of the League final

The road to the final began with a Quimsa running over Instituto. La Gloria could not accommodate in the first moments while the local took several points of difference.

After two minutes the visitor got into the game with a triple by Gallizzi. The defense of the “fusion” was good, which made the white and red look for other ways to attack. With the passing of the seconds, errors appeared in the team from Santiago, which were taken advantage of by the people from Cordoba who managed to turn the table.

La Gloria lost the first game of the League final

The locals, who went almost 4 minutes without converting, once again had the advantage in the result after several errors by Lucas Victoriano’s men. In Quimsa’s favor, the first quarter ended 25-20.

The errors and failures continued in the Glory at the beginning of the second segment. The defense of the premises did not make it easy for the red and whites. However, the game was very short and the teams did not take much advantage. Near the end both settled down and managed to convert, Tayavek Gallizzi and Nicolás Romano were very important at the Institute. The second quarter ended 39-36 with an advantage from Corrientes.

La Gloria lost the first game of the League final

The start of the third stage was not good for those from Alta Córdoba, who had a hard time converting. While the “merger” stretched the difference in the result. From the hand of “Taya” and the short shots, Gloria was able to reduce the distances that were in the game. When the visitors shortened in points, the local was in charge of increasing and continuing with the advantage. At the end Quimsa stretched his domain and left chapter 59 to 49.

In the last quarter the homeowner’s offense was intense as it was throughout the match, for his part the red-and-white reacted and prevailed over the rival defense. Despite the good quarter shown by the visitor, Quimsa secured the first point in the series, winning 74-73.

The next match will be on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. at the Ciudad Stadium.

La Gloria lost the first game of the League final


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