Kyrie Irving wants to leave Brooklyn and is looking for a sign and trade base

Point Guard 30-Year is coming Rejecting a $36.5 million option for the season and testing the market.

A disaster scenario occurs in Brooklyn. AccordingNYPostKyrie Irving will be declining the option next season for $36.5 million, so it’ll be free this summer, but the Nets have agreed to “sign and trade.”ESPNguarantees that the Lakers are the only ones interested in such formulas, at least for the moment. A deal that requires finding a third team, knowing that the leaders of Brooklyn will not take Russell Westbrook. Trade… Ask questions to see if Irving’s departure makes it easier for Kevin Durant to leave…

Kyrie Irving, 30, has 27.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 29 games. He finished the season with 5.8 assists and was away from the NBA court in 2021. -Because I refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Since joining Barclays Center in 2019, he has played just 123 out of a possible 226 games.



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