Kyrie Irving is staying at the Brooklyn Nets!

Shams reports that Kyrie Irving has decided to activate its $36.5 million player option and continue the adventure in Brooklyn! While it was rumored that he was studying sign & trade options, he finally decided to make the season with the Nets.

The point guard conveyed the following message to Shams:

“Normal people make the world go round, but those who dare to be different lead us into tomorrow. I made the decision to activate my player option. See you in the fall. A11even. »

To see now if the two camps can find an agreement for a contract extension. Until then negotiations were at an impasse, and the point guard and his camp tried to put pressure on the Nets, threatening to look elsewhere. But the Nets didn’t give in and Kyrie and his camp couldn’t find a sign & trade option. He therefore decided to continue the adventure in Brooklyn for the time being.

Recall that the Nets would not like to extend it on the long term for the moment. If Kyrie does not extend, he will be a free agent next summer.

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